Live Summer Smudge Free

5 Ways To Live Summer Smudge Free

It’s never a pretty thing when you steal a glance of yourself in the mirror only to find your makeup dancing down your face, making puddles in less than ideal places.  I am sure we can all agree that this lovely experience has happened to the best of us. To make sure this does not happen again, many of us find ourselves on an endless quest to discover products that truly stay put regaurdless of the weather condition, emotional status, or even watching The Notebook.


Here are 5 tips to avoid makeup puddles this summer!
1. A blush/lip stain is the best way to get that beautiful natural flush and know that it will not fade into oblivion. Benetint is the perfect waterproof option.

Benefit Cosmetics Benetint 0.4 oz Benetint

$28 –


2. If you really don’t want your liner to be streaking down your face this summer, I would suggest using a waterproof liner. My favorite is the Makeup Forever Aqua waterproof liquid liner. Don’t let the liquid part freak you out, practice makes perfect, believe me.
I actually swatched every color of this liner on my hand to see how long they would stay for. Finally after two days of no budging (yes I washed my hands a billion times) I decided it held up to it’s title and it was now time to take the Aqua liner “art piece” off my hand. To get it off,  just use a regular eye makeup remover.  It is my number one liquid liner at the moment and worth every penny!

High Precision Waterproof Eyeliner Aqua Liner : Eyes Make up for ever…



3. Using a foundation primer is a necessity when talking longevity. It is an absolute must have to keep your foundation going strong throughout the day. Smashbox has an array of different primers that are silicone based which helps hide textural imperfections and helps the foundation adhere better. If you tend to breakout, stay away from silicone and check out this primer from Korres.

Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer SPF 15 With Dermaxyl Complex 1…



4. Again one of the best tests for any product’s staying power is watching a tear jerker flick. It’s always a beautiful thing to see mascara stand this test and not end up everywhere but my actual eyelashes.   The Maybelline XXL Pro is a great choice for getting voluptuous lashes that are chick flick and crying friendly.

Maybelline Xxl Pro Volume Waterproof Mascara Very Black (Maybelline) -…



5. Though I once believed eye-shadow primer was a waste of my hard earned, I have come to discover this is not the case. It is actually more like magic. Why? Because it eliminates the need to reapply eye shadow every other hour throughout the day.

Urban Decay makes one of my very favorite eyelid primers, and so far nothing compares to it. Another option for someone a tight budget is  $1  (yes you read that correct $1) primer from E.L.F.  I can’t promise that it does the best of jobs, but it will do more for your looks than a $1 spicy chicken sandwich from a local fast food joint. I don’t do fast food by the way.

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  • I have Benetint, MUF Aqua Liner, and Smashbox primer all in my makeup bag right now…love them all! I have to say, though, that I wanted a long lasting “false-lashes” mascara, so I tried the XXL pro volume, after I heard great reviews. It stayed all right…ALL OVER MY FACE. It took me several tries to remove it, and I still couldn’t get all of it off the skin under my eyes. I don’t like mascara that takes longer to take off than to put on, and I literally had more on my face than my eyelashes. Yikes, I threw it away immediately. Waste of $9 or whatever it cost…

    • So when you were taking off the XXL it went everywhere? Or did it fall off throughout the day? I tried the non-waterproof version and had a great experience. That’s odd you had such a terrible time with it.

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