LIVE TV Segment On AM NW- 6 Aging Makeup Mistakes

Over the past 9 years of being a makeup artist and doing private consultations, I have had the opportunity to teach women of every age the tricks to looking younger and which makeup blunders to avoid. Here are 6 makeup mistakes that add years to your face and my tips for how to correct them. 


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1) Too Much Foundation and Powder – As you age, you do tend to accumulate more brown pigmentation on the face, and it can be frustrating to hide. But with so many new things on the market, there are many ways that you can decrease your brows spots; using to much foundation is not one of them! When you use foundation
to conceal your skin, it not only just looks bad, it gives the appearance that you haven’t exfoliated in ten years. Add a whole bunch of powder throughout the day and you are just adding to the problem.

Instead use an anti-aging primer before using a lightweight foundation, and then conceal the areas that are bothering you. Also, instead of piling on the powder, try just setting your foundation in the areas you gain the most oil (t-zone) and then oil blotting strips instead throughout the day.

To help even out skintone, check out the LA ROCHE POSEY Redermic ($53.95) For more immediate results to soften your skin tone, use the LA ROCHE POSEY Anthelios 50 Daily Anti Aging Primer with SPF ($39.50). Also check out the Luminizing Moisture Tint from Jouer cosmetics, ($38.00).

2) Going Without Blush – Not wearing blush is a sure way to make you look washed out and unfortunately….older. Wearing blush brightens your face making you look alive and refreshed! It’s a must have anti-aging trick. One of my favorite blush options is the Jouer blush (specifically the peony), it glides on effortlessly and doesn’t go on to heavy.
(Jouer Mineral Powder Blush- $24.00 )


3) Not Filling In Eyebrows – Filling in your brows can be frustrating for anyone, but since we tend to have thinning (and greying) brows with age, it’s important! By filling them in, you can give your eye a little lift and a little color back. (I am sure even Brooke Shields with her infamous brows still needs to fill hers in.) If you are like most women and don’t feel savvy in the brow filling in department, check out the brow kits from Anastasia Beverly Hills. They actually have stencils that make it easy and fool proof to get your right brow shape.

(Anastasia’s Beauty Express for Brows and Eyes: $39.00 or Brow Powder Duo: $22.00)


4)Heavy Under-Eye Concealer – I think one of the biggest complaints I hear from women is about their under-eyes. Weather it’s battling fine lines and wrinkles, or our pesky darky circles…it can be annoying. Unfortunately, most products that conceal dark eyes are thick and cake into our fine lines. To avoid that problem start by using an eyecream first, next use your more opaque concealer sparingly towards the inside of the eye (where darkness is more prevalent , then apply a little highlighter over that to brighten and soften fine lines and wrinkles.

Check out the GOLDFADEN MD Bright Eyes Eye Cream ($48.00) for dark circles plus fine lines and wrinkles, Age Repairing Concealer from Jouer Cosmetics ($24.00) and the KohGenDo Maifanshi Makeup Color Base Pearl White ($50.00).


5) Using Mascara and Liner on Lower Lashline – While I think it’s fine to use liner on the lower outside corner of the eye for most “mature” eyes, using to much mascara (or any mascara) can draw more attention to fine lines and wrinkles, and make your eyes look droopy. If you choose to wear liner on the lower lash-line, opt for a brown shade that is not to harsh for your eyes.

I love the Eye Definer in Shimmering Brown from Jouer Cosmetics ($20.00).


6) Lipstick that’s too Dark – I love a bold lip, to me, it pulls together such a beautiful look. But when I say bold, I mean a pretty pink, maybe a bright red, or even fuchsia. But when you step into the wine and rather dark looking shades, it makes your lips appear smaller than usual and with age, they are already losing their volume. So avoid the darker shades and opt for something more vibrant.

Here are some of my favorite lipstick options: Pastille Lilac and Apricot from Bite Beauty ($24) also sensuous from IMAN ($10.00)


What I Wore This Segment


AM NW Outfit

HUGE THANKS to Portland stylist and fashion blogger, Jade Rose (sort of jealous of her killer name)! I pretty much stocked her via facebook to get my outfit figure out for this segment- sending her pictures and getting ideas. She has an amazing blog (, is recently engaged, and will be sharing her out of this world engagement shoot with us soon! I can’t wait!

I asked her what I could pair with this statement necklace found at, and this is what she (Jade) suggested I look for. Well, she actually suggested a lilac sweater…but seriously…I couldn’t find one anywhere. I found this one at for around $15.00, not bad and most importantly, Jade approved.

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