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Unless you are naturally blessed with them, beautiful, thick, luscious lashes are sometimes hard to achieve even with mascara.  For those of us that are not, there is Latisse! This item has been a hot commodity in the medspa world, and at my spa, clients have been trimming their lashes because Latisse was so successful.

What is Latisse? It is the only FDA approved lash treatment, clinically proven to lengthen lashes over a 16-week period.  It was originally made for clients with glaucoma. However those taking it discovered a rewarding side effect: thicker, fuller lashes. So Allergan (the makers of Latisse) decided to create a separate prescription for women desiring enhanced lashes.

How to get it? Because it is a prescription, this product is only available where there is a doctor on staff. Typically one must first have a consultation (usually free) with a doctor to be approved for this treatment. A month’s supply costs will be in the ballpark of $120.00. Also, I would encourage you to shop around. Many places use Latisse as an “add on” when you purchase a substantial service.

Are there risks?  People often ask me, what are the side effects of this product? Although I personally have not seen any negative reaction, Allergan’s website includes this warning: “Increased brown iris pigmentation has occurred when the same formulation of bimatoprost ophthalmic solution was instilled directly into the eye to treat elevated intraocular pressure. Although iris pigmentation was not reported in clinical studies with LATISSE®, patients should be advised about the potential for increased brown iris pigmentation which is likely permanent.”

Would I recommend Latisse?  The first time I used Latisse my eyes felt a bit sensitive for the first couple of days but then adjusted. I absolutely loved the noticeable results and received countless compliments on my lashes. Unfortunately I had to give it up when I became pregnant (is there anything you can do while you are pregnant?). Overall I have been well pleased with this product and recommend it to anyone.

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