Luma Brush Hair Straightening Tool Review

Hair straightening can be time-consuming, especially if you have curly hair. Want a quick way to straighten your hair in around 2-3 minutes? Check out the Luma Brush my friends, it will change everything in the hair department. It’s a new and easy way to quickly smooth out your hair and leave it soft and frizz-free. If you want a faster way to style your hair straight, skip the flat iron and check out my review of the Luma Brush.

Spoiler alert: This new hair tool is the hottest thing to hit the hair market and you are going to need it. I am not just talking about wanting it my friends,  this new brush and hair straightener combo is going to be your next everyday hair tool essential. Now let’s get to that review.

how the luma brush hair straightening tool works on curly hair

How Does the Luma Brush Hair Straightening Tool Work?

This new Luma hair tool concept for straightening your locks works by using a 3D ceramic brush head surface that is much larger and wider than your typical flat iron. It has insulated hair brush bristles that quickly straighten your hair as it gently glides through each section your brush. Another major bonus is that it has consistent heat that doesn’t damage the hair like traditional straightening tools.

Luma Brush V.S Knock Off Versions


There will always be knockoffs of the best products. With that said, there are some Luma Brush Copy Cats and they are pretty bad. We all know that you pay for what you get…well in this case…it’s 1,000% true.

Here are a few massive differences between the Luma and other versions:

  • Other hair straightening brush tools don’t deliver consistent heat which gives very inconsistent results throughout your hair.
  • Luma has high grade 3D ceramic brush head surface while others have bad quality ceramics that can melt and damage your hair.
  • Some knock off brands have bad quality silicone tips that easily fall off and can snag hair. Luma has heat insulated brush tip bristles that glide throug the hair.

Does the Luma Brush Hair Straightening Tool Work on Naturally Curly Hair?


I have tested this hair straightening tools on several different hair types and one being moderately curly (not tight curls…but thick ringlets everywhere). She confessed that it usually takes her over one hour to straighten her hair with a flat iron, but with the Luma Brush, it only took 20 minutes. How amazing is that?

Personal Thought and Opinion of the Luma Brush Hair Straightening Tool



Listen, I am mom of 3 kids; I work, I travel, I wife, I clean, I do my own laundry and everyone else’s…WITHOUT a nanny. I repeat…NO NANNY just like many of you. Essentially I need all the beauty and life hacks that get me out the door quicker and more efficiently. This hair tool has helped tremendously in the hair department. Instead of the usual mom bun (because I don’t have approximately 9,000 years to straighten my hair), I use the Luma Brush.

Also, if you have a young child who wants to experiment with straightening their hair and you don’t feel comfortable with them using a hair straightener, this is a no-brainer. It makes the perfect birthday or holiday gift by the way…just sayin.

How Much is the Luma Brush and Where Do I Buy It?

The Luma Brush is only $79!

Buy on Joyous 20% off right now with code FALLFRIEND20

I don’t think I can rave more about the Luma Brush; it really is a brilliant hair straightening tool for everyone. If you don’t already have one and want a fast and more efficient way to straighten your hair, then you need to try this one out. You won’t regret the purchase, I promise.


xo, Kendra Stanton


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