5 Ways to Make Your Christmas Gift Look Expensive

When you are on a budget during the holidays, you need to learn creative ways to make your Christmas gift look expensive. By packaging small gifts together that don’t cost a lot like these gifts under $25, you can have an amazing and thoughtful gift that looks like it was purchased at Anthropology. In fact, a lot of my gifting ideas come from none other than Anthropology; they have some of the most beautifully packaged gifts of all time. But, that also means that they cost a little more too. So instead of buying those gorgeous gifts, do it yourself and make your inexpensive Christmas gift look expensive.


how to make your gift look like it's really expensive by packaging small thing's together as a gift

How to Make Your Christmas Gift Look Expensive

There are many ways that you can make your holiday gift look more expensive, you just have to get creative. Here are 8 inexpensive gift ideas that look expensive that you should totally steal.

How to creatively gift inexpensive small gifts together to make them all look expensive

how to make your cheap holiday gift look expensive

Make You Gift Look Expensive with a Jar

Get a few packs of pretty hair ties for around $3.00. Place them in a cute glass jar with a lid and tie a ribbon around it. It’s a super simple Christmas gift, but because it is packaged creatively, it has more impact. You could pair this with a gift card or with any other these other inexpensive gift ideas.

what you need

  • small jar – Check out these small jars that are a set of 12 for $12.99 on Amazon!
  • fun hair ties – Here is a set of 100 hair ties for under $10 on Amazon.
  • ribbon – You will love this black velvet ribbon I used to decorate the jar with on Amazon.

how to make your cheap gift look expensive, gorgeous and creative copy

Make You Gift Look Expensive with a Dish

A Dish: Thrift a small vintage dish (around 50 cents) or something similar, then find a fun soap for around $5.00. Wrap a ribbon or piece of yarn around it and tie a small ornament on top.  It’s super simple but it’s also a great gift too.

What You Need


how to make your cheap christmas gift look like you spent alot of moneyA Cup: Place a lip balm with your DIY peppermint lip scrub into a small tea cup along with a moisturizing lip balm to make your cheap gift look expensive. Add a cute ornament and tie a piece or ribbon around it for an added touch to this gift.


What You Need

how to make your thrifty gift look expensive by using a cigar box copy

Make You Gift Look Expensive with a Cigar Box

A Cigar Box: Give the gift of writing by putting together a unique stationary box. Get a wood cigar box (around $2.00 at a cigar shop) and find some inexpensive letters and note cards to place inside. Add some cool pens, and a journal for an extra expensive look. Check out the Target dollar section for really cool stationary items that cost $1.00 each.

What You Need

      • Cigar Box – Here is a set of 10 cigar boxes on Amazon.
      • Notepads – I found a set of 12 for $12 dollars on Amazon.
      • Note Cards- Here is a set of 48 cards for under $11 on Amazon.
      • Small Journals- Love this journal option!
      • Pens- These pens are really fun!

how to make your bargain gift look like you spent alot of money copy

Make You Gift Look Expensive with a Bag

A Bag: Find an inexpensive pencil case bag or cosmetic bag for around $2.00. Place your DIY lip scrub, lip balm, and a nail polish inside. Add a Christmas ornament to give it an extra special touch.

What You Need



DIY Pumpkin Spice Lip Scrub

DIY Peppermint Lip Scrub

DIY Peppermint and Lavender Face Scrub

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