22 + Basic Makeup Essentials Tips

Are you looking for basic tips on makeup essentials?  When it comes to cosmetics, having the right makeup essentials is necessary for getting the look you want without being overwhelmed. Whether you are a beginner or are trying to figure out what basic makeup kit is best to have for your personal cosmetic bag for everyday use, you are in the right spot.

Here are 22 plus basic makeup essentials tips and tricks to get you started as a beginner.


Makeup Essentials for Beginners

Here you will find basic makeup items you need to have a complete makeup kit and some tips and tricks to use with the products you get. If you want to learn about doing your makeup and what basic makeup essentials you need, you have found the right place.  Continue to read below to find out what things are required for your everyday makeup kit.

There are so many different makeup essentials for beginners from what products you need to how to apply cosmetics. If you want a basic makeup kit for beginners, plus want to learn how to do your makeup and what cosmetics you need, check out these blog posts.

Here are my top makeup beginners blog posts that will help you learn what makeup and tips you need if you are just starting out.

The Best Non-Toxic Makeup Essentials That I Love!

Want to learn about what safe cosmetics you should have? Here is a non-toxic makeup essentials kit for you to get that has safe ingredients!

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5 Already Made Basic Makeup Kits I Know You Will Like!

Don’t want to go looking for everything you need in your basic makeup kit for beginners? Here are five options that are already made for you!

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All of the best makeup brush essentials and organization items you need found on Amazon!

Makeup Organization Essentials on Amazon!

I put together my list of makeup organization essentials on Amazon for your cosmetics. Honestly, everything here is inexpensive and works! Ya need it! Also- great gift ideas. 

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Makeup Essentials for Acne Prone Skin That Actually Work!

Acne is a pain…trust me, I use to have it. So, I’ve put together a list of makeup essentials for acne prone skin! All of these products have ingredients that won’t clog your pores. Check out this kit! 

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Makeup Essentials for Beginners Guide for a Simplified Routine!

Here is everything you need in your cosmetic bag! I’ve put together a makeup essentials for beginners guide to get you started.

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For My Momma Friends! Makeup Essentials for Moms!

As a mom myself–this makeup kit is a must-have. So, I’ve put together some makeup essentials for moms that you need for that “motherhood” life!

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 8 Basic Makeup Kit Essentials To Make Life Easy!

Want to know what basic makeup products you should have in your makeup kit? Here are 8 basic makeup kit ideas for you to check out!

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My favorites 8 Makeup Brush Essentials That You Needed Yesterday!

Want to know what 8 basic makeup brush essentials you need in your makeup kit? These are my must haves….you really don’t need anything else!

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Your Basic Summer Makeup Essentials List Is HERE!

I’ve put together all of the summer makeup essentials you need to keep your skin glowing and fresh all season long! 

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Summer Beauty Essentials You Need!

Everything you need in the beauty department to keep yourself looking glam and gorgeous! Here are your summer beauty essentials!

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Makeup Essentials for Anti Aging and Looking Younger

As you get older, your face starts to change and you need new makeup to help combat the look of aging. Whether you are in your 30’s, 40’s, or 50’s, you can find makeup product essentials and tips that help keep your skin looking young and you up to date. If you are someone who  wants to know what makeup mistakes you might be making and what makeup basics you might need, these beauty tips are for you.

Makeup Essentials For 30 Somethings!

I get asked all the time what makeup essentials 30 somethings should have..so, here they are! Takes one to know one..right?

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Tried and True Makeup Artist Essentials

As a makeup artist for over 15 years…I’ve put together a list of my favorites tried and true makeup essentials for every day! Most people check out what beauty bloggers and makeup artists have to say about what to have in a basic makeup kit for every day use before making a purchase. As a makeup artist and beauty blogger, I have tried hundreds of beauty products for both personal use and for commercial and editorial work. Here are some tried and true makeup essentials to try out.

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Pro makeup artist makeup essentials to have!

Beginner Pro Makeup Artist Kit Essentials

Are you a budding makeup artist? Here are the must have pro makeup artist kit essentials you should have in your kit!

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Basic Makeup Essentials For Teens!

Have a teenager? Here is my list of basic makeup essentials every teen should have! From a simplified routine, to the best budget friendly makeup. If you are a teen or are a mother of a teen, you know that finding the balance of what makeup to wear and how much, can be a challenge. Your teenage years are the best time to experiment with makeup style and products.

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Makeup Essentials For Travel

Traveling can be crazy and having the right beauty products is important. When you travel you want small and compact makeup products that are under 4oz and TSA friendly. Here are some makeup ideas and travel essentials you might need while jet-setting.

Here are your basic makeup essentials for summer travel! Everything you need to look fresh and keep your makeup in place!

Basic Makeup Essentials for Summer Travel!

Want to know what basic makeup essentials you need for your summer travel? Here are all of your TSA friendly cosmetics and beauty products!

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Basic Makeup Essentials For Holiday Travel!

I’ve put together a list of every basic makeup essentials you need for your holiday travels

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Holiday Makeup Essentials

The holidays can be a stressful time, but your beauty routine should not be. If you are looking for everyday essentials for makeup and basic makeup looks for Christmas, here are some ideas.

Here are 6 Black Friday basic makeup essentials I always shop! Sephora and Ulta have the best deals.

The 6 Black Friday Makeup Essentials You Should Be Looking For!

If you are a Black Friday or Cyber Monday shopper, here are the basic makeup essentials you should be looking out for! This is the best time to stock up.

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All of your glowing skin makeup essentials for NYE! Ring Ii the new year this New Years Eve with that holiday glow.

NYE Glowing Makeup Essentials 

Everyone wants to look good going into the New Year in the makeup and beauty department…am I right? Here are my must-have NYE Glowing Makeup Essentials for you to check out!

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Holiday Glow Basic Makeup Essentials

Here are all of your holiday glow basic makeup essentials you should have in your cosmetic kit! Get glowing skin and makeup with my must-haves!

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  • Makeup Essentials for Back To School Beauty