6 Makeup Trends for Fall 2014

I have 6 Makeup Trends for Fall 2014 with tutorials that you aren’t going to want to miss out on! Starting Tuesday, I am going to be doing a Fall Makeup Trends series for you to recreate, modify, or whatever you want. I love all of these makeup trends for Fall 2014 because they are, for the most part, easy for people to apply and wear.

Most of these Fall Makeup looks come from inspiring pictures from the Fall 2014 runway shows. Who’s ready to rock Makeup trends for Fall?


Bold Eyeliner

bold eyeliner

Bold Eyeliner: You know when you were in middle school and you were just introduced to eyeliner? Yeah, that’s not the look I am talking about. This is a heavy liner look, but not in a creepy way. For this look, you want to focus your eyeliner on upper and lower lash-lines as well as your water line. It is a pretty smoky eye trend, so perhaps skip the red lipstick on this one.



metallic makeup for fall 2014

Metallics: Using anything from gold to silver, and then anything in between, metal looking eye shadows are a major hit for Fall 2014 makeup looks.  You can wear them with a neutral lip or a bold lip depending on how dramatic you want to make your metallic eye look.



lasehs 2

Lashes: We aren’t talking about a little mascara; we are talking false lashes with lots of mascara. With this fall makeup trend, your eyes will be the talk of the town. Who doesn’t want Kardashian looking lashes any ways?


Color Splash

Fall 2014 Color Pop Makeup Trend

Color Splash: This eye-makeup trend really is just a splash of color. It’s not flaming-orange eye shadow all over your eyelid with pink liner and purple mascara. It’s smoky or simple eye design that has a pop of color incorporated into it. It’s really beautiful, well blended, and pretty fun.


Glowing Skin

Fall 2014 Makeup Trend Glowing Skin

 Glowing Skin: I think the glowing-skin-trend is always on trend. But, it is especially on-trend for Fall 2014 Makeup Looks. In order to make this look absolutely stunning, you need to have the right product and the right makeup tools, like a beauty-blender and a really good highlighter.



Nearly Nude

Naturally Nude Makeup Look

Nearly Nude: This is your no-makeup, make-up look. Basically, it’s just a really fresh-face that has little to no foundation, minimal eye makeup, and possibly a lip tint. Let me clarify though- this is not a I just woke up, threw my hair back, didn’t brush my teeth, but managed to slop on a bit of mascara, look. It’s actually a very polished look that, while minimal, is very purposeful with how it’s applied.

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