Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2012: Trends with Staying Power

The Mercedes Benz Fashion Week for Fall 2012 has been up and running for the last 8 days and will come to a finale today with a great list of designers being featured left and right. I love fashion week and dreams to someday be front row, like the girls in Sex and the City, as the models glide past you in unattainable clothing. The part I love the most is trying to come up with ways to emulate the latest trends that will actually function in my own little world. This guilty passion is why I am so thrilled when I see trends that repeat themselves, and it also helps me not have to spend all my money. Here are three replicable trends that have lasting power and a glance at the designer who stole my heart this time around!

1. Bold Colors: I love the bold colors we have been seeing all over the place this past season and so I was thrilled to see a continuation of this trend on the runway for Fall 2012. Bold colors are an easy thing to incorporate into your wardrobe because you can find a suitable shade for your taste and preferences. A super popular palette we are seeing right now is based off of the 1970s trend that is cropping up. Pair tangerine with purple or chartreuse with red and you are set for the runway!

2. {Faux} Fur and more {Faux} Fur: As has been stated several times before, I love being from Oregon and I love being a quirky Oregonian, so when I fell in love with my {faux} fur muffler several seasons ago I sort of felt guilty. But it is just synthetic material, right? No harm, no foul. When I saw fur collars on the runway, I was so excited because I really want to continue to wear my fur this next year. Fur is one of those things that you will always find a classy use for, so keep an easy piece on hand.

3. Metallics: You can wear metallics with anything, any color, any material, there will always be a place for metallics in every outfit you put together. The continuation of this trend for Fall 2012 is no surprise because of the versatility of metallics. Pair a plain top with a metallic skirt and your look will pop with glamourous air. Love it so much!

Candela: I wrote about Candela in a previous blogpost on Fashion Week Spring 2012 and my opinions have only amplified concerning this designer. I love how she puts together a dressy bohemian look, one that I am going to call Boho-Chic. Candela’s variety of pieces this fall all look like something out of a lodge’s dinner party, yet it remains feminine and fashionable. I love the mash-ups of texture and color that she uses when designing looks. Candela caters to the more practical side of fashion week with pieces that are easy to intermingle with your everyday  wardrobe. What I would do to get my hands on some Candela clothing. In my book, Candela wins the magic prize!

Until till next {Fashion} week!



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