Mirabella Colour Luxe Lip Gloss in Polish, Glossed, and Sleek

This past year I was introduced to Mirabella Beauty, a mineral makeup company that “makes clean products without compromising color.” My first review of their cosmetics made me fall in love, (check out the Mirabella Highlighter in Shimmer Rose) and I am hoping the new Colour Luxe lip gloss colors will do the same. At first glance though, I have to say, I am pretty confident these three beauties will make their way into my perma-stash of lippies. Just a hunch.

Speaking of my stash of lip-painting products, it’s a real problem. I am a lipgloss girl…well actually, I am a lipstick, lip-balm, lip-lacquer, lip-tint, lip-anything girl. If you knew the amount of lip products I hoard, you would report me to the show.  I simply can’t get enough; I carry about 15 lipsticks in my purse at all times. No-joke.

Thank you for reading/listening to my confession. Moving on to my Mirabella Colour Luxe lip gloss review.

mirabella lipgloss


I love when a lip gloss isn’t just a lip gloss. Check out the ingredients that Mirabella uses in the Colour Luxe to make these also an anti-aging product. It’s important that a brand considers the health of the lips because we tend to get fine lines and wrinkles easily around this area.

  • vitamins A (wrinkle prevention)
  • Vitamin C (antioxidant)
  • Vitamin E  (hydration
  • patented anti-aging peptides (restores lip tissue and boosts collagen)
  • pomegranate extract (antioxidant that protects lips from free-radical damage)
  • jojoba leaves extract. (hydration)
  • Monoi de Tahiti (emolliant that helps lips stay hydrated)

Now that you know what the Colour Luxe has, let me tell you what it is formulated without.

  • Paraben-Free
  • Lanolin Free
  • Castor Oil Free

Price Tag: $26.00 each FOUND HERE starting July 2015


colour luxe lipgloss review

colour luxe lipgloss review


First up for my Mirabella Colour Luxe lip gloss review is the shade Polish. This is a cool-toned, pale pink gloss that reminds me of what Barbie (yes, the doll) would wear if she toned down her notorious pink lips once in a while. I love this lip color because it is so versatile and layers well over pretty much any lip color or looks gorgeous by its self.

If you are looking for a more naturally pink lip color to incorporate into your lip collection, you should give this one try. It’s one of those lip colors that can be worn in every season, dressed up or dressed down. I am just going to come out and say that I highly recommend this one.

colour luxe glossed lipgloss review

glossed colour luxe lipgloss review

Next up we have the Mirabella Colour Luxe lip gloss in glossed; a  peachy gloss that reminds me of summer time and vacations in the sun. For me, this is a good color, but peach colored lipglosses certainly don’t look flattering on everyone. If you know you skin tone doesn’t look good in peach shades, this gloss probably isn’t for you.

If you are however a peach-lip-color-fan, this one is a beauty. I like that this gloss is not overwhelmingly peach, and it still compliments the purple and gold eyeshadow combo I have going on.

sleek colour luxe lipgloss review

sleek miracle colour luxe lipgloss review

For a more glammed up lip, the Mirabella Colour Luxe lip gloss in sleek will give you that vibe. This berry colored gloss will dress up a natural look or add some spice to a sultry eye design intended to make heads turn. It’s a beautiful lip shade for pale, medium, or dark skinned gloss wearers and will compliment any eye color. This lipgloss shade is a major win in my mental Rolodex of lip products.

Mirabella Colour Luxe lipgloss review

In the end, I like all three colors, but if I were to choose one to recommend to everyone, it would have to be the lip gloss in Polish. While I love Sleek a ton and think it would look good on most people, It might be a little too dark for someone just wanting a wash of color. Glossed, on the other hand, is a beautiful summer shade, but I don’t think that it works for everyone.

As far as how this lip gloss performed under drinking (water..hello I am prego), eating food, and smooching my babes, let me explain. First off, lip gloss is a sheer, wet(er) product and if you mow down on a hamburger, chances are you will only have a remnant of it left. That’s just how a lip gloss works…it’s not a stain. According to Mirabella, this particular formula has a unique film-former that makes it long-lasting and transfer-resistant. While long-wearing and transfer resistant sounds cool in theory, when I apply this gloss and kiss the back of my hand, there is a glossy lip print left on the skin. Honestly, that is what I would expect from pretty much any slightly wet lip product that isn’t matte and a full on stain.

However, even after giving my hand a few kiss-tests, I did have a nice layer of lip gloss left on my lips. So, it wasn’t completely gone, and I didn’t feel like I needed to touch anything up. If you are worried about having to re-touch your gloss, maybe don’t buy gloss. Gloss will need more touch-ups than a lipstick, it’s just the way it goes.

Now, let’s talk about the stickiness factor. I can honestly say that when I do the lip smack test (yes, I do a test…and yes it looks weird), this gloss doesn’t make my lips stick together. Yes, it is tackier than if I had nothing on my lips at all, but again, that’s to be expected.

Lastly, there is a yummy cupcake scent to these pretty glosses that make you want to lick your lips…or smell them. While the fragrance is very delicious smelling, it tastes like absolutely nothing.

In the end, I would buy these for two reasons: the colors are beautiful, and the ingredients are even better. 

Have you tried these lip glosses before? Which color do you like best? Let me know in the comments!


xo, Kendra

Note* These products are a PR samples. All thoughts and opinions are that of my own. Please see disclosure page for details.


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