My $8.00 Full Face Dollar Store Makeup Tutorial!

You know what? I did a full face of Dollar Store makeup and it doesn’t look half bad! You know that I mostly hate drugstore makeup, but I promised you guys that I would try to find some makeup options for those of you that are on a budget. So, I wanted to put together a makeup tutorial for someone on a SUPER budget. As in, I did this entire dollar store makeup look for under $10. I put together a quick YouTube video so you could re-create this makeup look at home.

I’m gonna be real with you guys, in real life, I would never  go to the Dollar Store to shop for beauty products for myself. Now, I have purchased Dollar Store cosmetics before as gifts to my little girls and for stocking stuffers which was a total win. But, the ingredient are questionable at best (certainly not non-toxic drugstore makeup) and I got a zit within one day of applying the foundation, so, no thanks. But, I’m also going to be real with you about this too, If I were on a really tight budget and I couldn’t afford even drugstore priced makeup, I would hit up the dollar store in a second because you know I’m all about that makeup life.
Check out my full face of dollar store makeup and what products I love and hate!
Here’s what makeup I purchased at the dollar store:
  1. BB Cream
  2. blush
  3. bronzer
  4. mascara
  5. lipstick
  6. eyeliner
  7. eyeshadow trio

Before I got to take pictures of these products, my kids got into them and smashed them to pieces. So, I didn’t get any upclose pictures of these dollar store cosmetics, sorry guys! I know you’re crying about it, I can feel you.

What Dollar Store Makeup I Used and My Thoughts

my dollar tree makeup look youtube tutorial with what I wore, what I loved, and what I hated.

Alright, let’s get right down to it, shall we? When you watch my youtube video for my dollar store makeup look, you will see that I amphatically HATE the foundation/BB cream. It is 1,000% disgusting without question. I did however appreicate the L.A Colors products for what they were being that they were only one dollar to begin with. I mean, you don’t have to impress me a ton when your price tag is one dollar, ya know what I mean?

I liked the L.A colors blush and bronzer, they were legit and applied nicely. With that said, the bronzer had sparkles for days and the packaging sucks. Same goes for the L.A. colors eyeshadow; it took me an entire five minutes to open that thing. But again, one dollar makeup. I also got this gorgeous purple-pink lipstick and, while it smelled like candy bananas (never a good sign for if a product is safe to wear), it was SUPER pigmented and gorgeous.

My friends, in the end, you do you boo boo. I’m just here to show you the product, teach you how to wear makeup, and tell you my real opinions.

Have you ever purchased makeup from the Dollar Tree before? Let me know in the comments!




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