My Daily Skin Routine

People ask me rather regularly what I use as a daily skin care routine. You will be shocked to know I don’t use a million products. I just simply use products that work!  I am always trying out new things, so my routine is subject to change…just FYI.  I also thought it might be helpful to you all if I walked you through my monthly and daily routine.

Let’s start with my monthly routine. It’s really simple. Twice a month (or every other week) I will do either a microderm or chemical peel to keep my skin fresh, smooth and exfoliated. Recently I tried out the blue radiance peel from Obagi, it was a nice simple peel. It’s not all that aggressive, so if you want a good lunchtime peel, this is a good one. But here is my rule with treatments. If you can only afford to choose either using good skincare or doing spa treatments, choose skincare.  It is better to do something good for your skin everyday, rather than a few good thing’s for your skin all month.

Daily Routine: I use the C RX system from OBAGI, an anti-aging early intervention skincare kit. I adore this product and have for two years now! Here is how it’s done.


  1. I usually just splash my face with water, I don’t like to over cleanse and strip my skin.
  2. Put about 2-3 drops of the Obagi C Clarifying serum with hydroquinone in my hand and spread it all over my face and neck. This helps to protect my skin from free radicals and also helps to block brown pigmentation from reaching the surface of my skin.
  3. Use a pea size amount of the C-Exfoliating day lotion all over my face and neck.
  4. And top that all off with the C-Sunguard SPF30. A very important step!


  1. Remove makeup with Neutrogena’s makeup remover cloths. I do this before cleansing so that my cleanser can actually clean my pores, not just take the makeup off.
  2. Cleanse skin with Obagi C Cleansing System. This feel so good and refreshing, but you only need about a pea size to cleanse well.
  3. Put on my Obagi C Night Therapy Cream. Just a pea size amount will do.
  4. Use a rice size amount of the Obagi, Elastiderm Eyecream underneath my eyes. We go through this fast because my husband digs it too.


Twice a week I will add in the tretinoin to this routine. I will use a pea size amount after I cleanse for added exfoliation. Sometimes I may feel like my skin is getting flaky and it’s irritating, so I just back off of the product. It’s pretty simple.


See, it’s not too difficult to take care of your skin! Here is my conclusion, 2.5 minutes out of my day is worth it to keep my skin looking good. What do you do as your daily skin care routine?





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  • Thanks Kendra!  Does the Obagi routine you mentioned above work for acne prone skin?  Would you do anything different if you have inflamed pimples?!

    • There is a line by Obagi called the Clenziderm system. The benzoyl peroxide in it has much smaller molecules than Benzaclin and other benoyls. Which means that it penetrates deeper into the follicles and kills bacteria where it starts. It’s a great product. Especially if it is paired with the Obagi Tretinoin. You should check it out. Does that help?

  • I love this post!!! Thanks for doing this!! My question is, where do you start when your skin isn’t so great to begin with? Isn’t this more of a maintenance routine? I’m confused about my skin. :/

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