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I said goodbye to my twenties on Saturday. I am not going to lie, knowing that I will never, ever, ever, ever (thanks Taylor Swift) be in by twenties again is a little odd. Thinking of being thirty always felt so far away (and incredibly old), and now, here it is. I am officially the dirty thirty and feelin good about it! So I wanted to do a giveaway for a Sephora giftcard for $30.00 along with some other randomness.

I have experienced a lot of life in the past 30 years and wanted to get a little sappy with you all today (hope you don’t mind). I am sharing with you all  my top 30 memories/experiences that have left marks on my life.


-I was born July 13th 1983 in Portland, OR (that is a pretty major life event for me!!)

– My grandparents gave me lipstick and a necklace for my 2nd or 3rd birthday.

– My two older brothers destroyed that lipstick by smashing it all over their faces. I am forever scarred.

– My two older brothers also put my new necklace down the kitchen disposal. Again, emotionally scarred over this one.

– Got bit on my face by a neighbor friend who I still know. She will forever say that I bit her, but I remember clearly that she bit me. I am older- I win the memory challenge.

– Went to Disneyland the week of my 8th or 9th birthday with my dad and his youth group (he is a pastor) for a H.S trip called 5-day-clubs. He bought me a gigantic t-shirt and all the H.S students sang me Happy Birthday. I felt pretty popular and cool.

-I sat next to an African American girl at church and we played with each-other’s hair, enamored by the difference in hair texture. I will never forget the moment.

-My mom and dad sent all 6 of us kids to bed early, which was a gigantic bummer. But 15 minutes later they woke us up with a spread of junk food and movies. It was amazing.

-My best friend Jessica and I would write songs and then perform them for our very patient parents. Since out parent’s were/are best friends, this happened rather often. I still remember one of the lines. “I love the birds and the butterfly’s, I love the squirrels and the trees.” It was pretty deep. Oh-and apparently I would song bomb my BF’s parents answering machine with lovely self written songs too. That had to be super annoying.

-My great grandma would take me to the dime store and give me $0.50 cents to get whatever I wanted. Obviously I bought lipstick. She was the most amazing women- loved Jesus. She was a huge inspiration to my life and loved people like non-other.


-My mom FINALLY let me shave my legs on my 12th birthday. Seriously, that needed to happen earlier. People were saying “cha-cha-cha-chia” to me as I walked by. Not-cool.

-I had my first kiss in the 6th grade by my middle school crush, Brandon. It was one of the most awkward moments of my life and I promptly ran onto the school bus and told all of my girlfriends that I would never do that again. (It happened again the next day.)

-My 7th grade boyfriend, David, broke up with me and came all the way to my house to tell me he didn’t love me anymore. When I saw him walking towards my home, I blasted Keith Sweats “You know you are My Lover,” and sang it out the window to him. He still broke up with me. The-things-we-do-when-we-are-young.

– Driving/camping from Oregon to Wyoming, where we went to Yellow Stone Park. My parents owned this hideous green and white suburban that had no air conditioning. There was 8 of us in that suburban and we still had a blast.

-Got into a car accident with my best friend Jessica on my 13th birthday. We are lucky to be alive! But mostly I remember how embarrassed I was that I was wearing loony-toon undies at 13 and all of the Dr.’s and nurses saw them.

– Meeting my now sister in law Freshman year of H.S. I invited her over to my house and we walked to a department store where we landed in the perfume isle. Bad idea. She doused me with every kind of perfume there was that she could reach and was laughing like the Grinch while doing it. (Tera- you know you did.)

-Getting airplane tickets to L.A in my Christmas stocking to go to Disneyland with my family. Best Christmas ever.

– Spending the night in a camper the night before my senior year with all of my girlfriends on our H.S campus. We drove that camper around the parking lot, and almost crashed because I went over a speed bump at an obscene speed. Everything inside the camper went flying, including the girls. They were mad.

-Moving to Nashville the day after I graduated H.S.

– Nashville was short (3 years), but it is one of my favorite memories. I shared a home with two amazing roomies, learned what country line-dancing was, and met a few girlfriends that left major marks on my life.


-Moved home to Portland, moved from Portland to L.A for makeup school, moved from L.A back to Portland. All within 6 months.


– My first ever nephew came into the world and it was huge for me.

-Got a phone call from one of my BF’s from Nashville who told me about a boy named Ezra who happen to have just moved to Portland. We met on a blind date a week later and I knew he was the one. He was un-like any guy I had ever met.

-I got my esthetics license, which propelled me into being a skincare snob.

-Flew to Nashville with Ezra for him to meet all of my friends. He proposed to me that weekend on the Pedestrian bridge that overlooks the city. It was magical.

-Ezra and I got married June 8th 2008 at my dads church. I married WAY up. Ezra is the most inspirational, loving, hard working, incredibly good looking and stylish man ever. He loves Jesus, is a phenomenal father…the list goes on.

– Experienced Botox and lip injections for the first time. I literally looked like Ducky. It was bad.

-Ezra and I bought our first home together. We felt so grown up.

-Going to Hawaii with Ezra’s family. Going snorkeling for the first time, which was amazing and terrifying at the same time. I thought jaws might want me for lunch.

– Had both of my baby girls! Z and Chum-Chum who have changed my life for forever.


Wow, that took a long time!! Cheers to my 30’s!



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