Necessary? Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara With Tarte multiplEYE Primer

Did anyone hit up Sephora for their Black Friday deals? Well I did, and one of the $10.00 items was the Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes full size mascara with a sample size of the the Tarte Multiple Eye Primer. I thought this was a pretty good deal, so I snatched that up along with a few  other $10.00 items they had on display.

Here is what Tarte say’s about their mascara and primer:

Lights, Camera, Lashes: “This is what we call a push-up bra for your lashes™ a 4-in-1 (lengthening, curling, volumizing and conditioning) dermatologist tested mascara that gives dramatic, thick, sexy lashes and is clinically proven to increase lash volume by 424%.”

multipleEYE: Prep, prime and for the first time increase the appearance of lash volume by 739% while increasing lash length with multiplEYE™ natural lash enhancing primer. The groundbreaking high-performance natural™ formula combines natural plant waxes and film formers to extend and increase appearance of volume in lashes by 739% while our proprietary and clinically-proven HydroPlant™ peptide, a soy-amino super protein, helps improve the appearance of lash length and growth. The precision bristles of the cone shaped brush separate and evenly coat every last lash while delivering conditioning nutrients to stimulate lashes from root to tip. To achieve maximum results use as a part of the multiplEYE™ 3-step regimen for naturally enhanced lashes without the prescription or the harmful side effects.


Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes

Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes Brush

I like the bristles on this brush, they are separated just enough to capture each lashes.


multiplEYE Lash Enhancing Primer

multiplEYE Lash Enhancing Primer Brush


This is a spiral brush which helps add curl to the lashes.



I want to do something different with this review and test if the primer was necessary to have with this product. Both products are volumizing and lengthening, and the mascara is conditioning. So it makes me wonder if it is better results to purchase both items in the future or not. On the right eye I have started out with primer and the left eye will start out with one swipe of mascara. Let’s see what the difference is or see if the volume and length evens out with just an extra layer of mascara.


No Mascara

Left Eye-one layer of mascara—Right Eye-one layer of primer

Left Eye-2 layers of mascara—Right Eye-primer+1 layer of mascara

Left Eye-3 layers of mascara—Right Eye-primer+2 layers of mascara


Beauty Review Breakdown

Price Per Item: Lights,Camera,Lashes is $19.00, multiplEYE is $22.00. Which makes them together $41.00.

Thoughts on Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara:

PRO’s: Last week I tried a tiny trial of this product which was horrible and did nothing for me. But this full size really worked well, it did a great job of building each layer while not clumping. It added great volume and length even without the primer beforehand.

CON’s: I really didn’t notice much in the way of curling my lashes.


Thoughts on multiplEYE :

Pro’s: It does add length and volume, plus it does a good job of holding the mascara on the lashes.

Con’s: like I said, it does add length and volume, I just don’t think it added much more than doing just an additional layer of mascara.


The End Of The Day

I did notice a little flaking towards the end of the day on just the left eye that had no flaking. Could have been coincidence or it could have been the primer holding the mascara on the other lashes better.


Overall Thoughts

I am actually excited to keep on using this mascara and primer. I was very pleased with the results I had. However, in the future, I think I will just purchase the mascara as I don’t think the primer did anything miraculous that would make me want to spend and extra $22.00!








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  • I bought this on Friday as well (along with the Josie Maran color stick – which I’m struggling with since i’ve never used a non-powder blush before…). I bought this mascara because I got a trial of it and loved it (the brush was a little different so I’m thinking they have a hard time with the tiny ones…). I’m still getting used to the full size brush and I think I tend to use way too much of the primer (I guess your eye lashes aren’t supposed to be really white….oops), but I am really liking it. I did make my eyes “spidery” one day – not fun, but I really like this product and the packaging is super cute! Thanks for the review, Kendra! As always, you’re amazing 🙂 

    • First off- the Josie Maran shade wasn’t even a full size item, so I didn’t get that as it was disappointing. It’s easy to use as a blush though. I do really like the Tarte Mascara- How many layers did you apply?

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