New Magnetic Eyeliner and La-La-Lashes

MoxieLASH Magnetic Eyeliner and lashes are going to blow your actual mind. I can’t wait to show you how you can have gorgeous, full, and natural looking lashes in literally ten seconds. When I was first introduced to this brand, I was skeptical of course..magnetic eyeliner…mmm k. I’ve been down the road of magnetic lashes before and they were awful and a waste of my money. These are a million times less complicated and they don’t require smashing your lashes in between two magnetic lash-strips. Thank the Lord. What a pain.

Get lashes in ten seconds with MoxieLASH magnetic eyeliner and lashes with beauty and lifestyle blogger, Kendra Stanton.

If you’ve struggled with learning how to apply false lashes, the MoxieLASH Magnetic Eyeliner and lashes are for you. You get the same look but without the glue, mess, and the “trying to figure it out” time. I mean, even as a veteran lash-application professional (ahem…slight brag), applying false lashes with glue was complicated. I’m just being real.

Check out how to use the Classy sassy and flashy lashes with Moxie Lash magnetic eyeliner and lashes.

So, with that said, let’s introduce you to Moxie’s classy, flashy, and sassy lashes because I’ve been getting loads of DM’s about them on my Instagram. Rightfully so, they look amazing and there are three different kinds of lashes for three kinds of moods.

Moxie Classy Magnetic Lash

Moxie magnetic eyeliner classy lash magnetic lashes and how to use them with beauty and lifestyle blogger, Kendra Stanton.

First up are the classy lashes which I love for just a simple go-to lash. They remind me of the Ardell Babies which are hugely popular and a top favorite of mine in the false eyelash world. Good new’s though, there is no glue involved what-so-ever with the Moxie classy lash. Here is your virtual high-five! I know, crazy right?

Moxie Magnetic Flashy Lash

How to use the Moxie Flashy magnetic eyeliner and lash with beauty and lifestyle blogger, Kendra Stanton

If you like the look of fluffy, full, and whispie looking eyelashes, the flashy lashes are for you. I think they look gorgeous with a simple makeup look where you can just let your lashes do that talking and maybe pop on some gloss for fun.

Moxie Magnetic Sassy Lash

Using Moxie Sassy Magnetic Eyeliner and magnetic lash liner with beauty and lifestyle blogger, Kendra StantonMy next most worn MoxieLASH magnetic eyelash set is the sassy lash. I just love the drama and lately, I’ve been wearing these everywhere. To pick up the kids. To church. To the grocery store. I get compliments every time I wear them and people ask where I go to get them done. But as you know, I don’t wait 2 hours to get my lashes filled, I just pop these babies on which take me ten seconds and walk out the door. For a woman on the go like me, these are simple and I feel glam real fast.

How to Apply Your MoxieLASH Magnetic Eyeliner and Lashes

Want gorgeous lashes in ten seconds? Learn how to apply magnetic eyeliner and lashes for full and natural looking lashes with beauty and lifestyle blogger, Kendra Stanton.

Step 1: It’s super easy. Just line your lash line with the MoxieLASH magnetic eyeliner like you would your regular liquid liner. If you need help figuring out what I mean by that, check out this eyeliner tutorial.

Step 2: Next, just lay your magnetic eyelash (the magnetic liner works with any magnetic lash by the way) along your lash line and it clicks into place. It’s so ridiculously easy that my grandma Veda could figure it out and rock it like it’s hot. (Love you Grandma…)

Step 3: You’re done. That’s it. Fo Reals.


What I think about MoxieLASHES

I like them enough that I started working for them and creating blog content and copy for their new website. Cool, right?
As far as the lashes go, they honestly stay on all day with proper application and they last for up to 30 uses if you take care of them and store them properly. The magnetic eyeliner will last you up to 100 uses and probably way more than that. You really don’t have to use much at all.

If you catch my on my Instagram, you will see that I have been wearing the Moxie magnetic lashes and liner every time I do my makeup because they are easy.

Are they safe?

You know I live my life 80% non-toxic and 20%, girl do your thing. This liner has been tested to by safe for consumers and you can read more about that on the website.

What are the lashes made of?

They are made out of mink, so, if you are Vegan, these might not be your jam. But stay tuned because you never know what Moxie has up their sleeves as far as formulas and lashes.


It’s true, these lashes are amazing, fast, and look amazing in a matter of seconds. You can get your own pair HERE and Moxie and check out the special they have going on right now.






note- these lashes were gifted to me.

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