New Winter Hair Trend: The Sombre with Kelly Peach Hair!

Last week I went in and had my hair re-vamped by internationally known, Portland hair-stylist, Kelly Peach. She wanted to take my hair from an Ombre, to a Sombre which I will have her explain at the bottom of this post. In addition to going Sombre, let me tell you, this girl doesn’t mess around in the honesty department! She knew I hadn’t cut my hair in like 5 years (okay…more like 1.2 years), and she had no problem telling me it was time for a little chop-chop. I had split ends upon split ends and those split ends were making split end babies! It takes me FOR-EV-ER to grow out my hair, and I have refused to let other stylists cut it but… Kelly insisted, and I am glad she did. On a side note, it’s good to have a stylist who is honest and tells you that the ends of your hair look like crap..or that your hair in general just looks bad. I never want to be era-stuck” (like an 80’s nasty mullet in 2014..or ever); a hair stylist that lets her client keep a an era-stuck hair style is no bueno in my opinion.
Small disclaimer on being era-stuck: If you are 78+, you get a free pass for the rest of your life, and a huge applause for staying up on the current blogs via the internet. But if you are younger then that…you need to talk to Kelly…or me…or both. Friends don’t let friends be era-stuck.
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Hair Treatment Breakdown + the Hair 411 from Kelly Peach!


She turned my hair from an ombre to a sombre. (I feel cutting edge.)
“One of the hottest hair trends for winter is transitioning your ombre to the sombre. Basically, a sombre is a softer ombre, hence the name sombre. Instead of focusing on the ends of your hair only being a lighter color and roots darker, you add lightness to the front hairline and underneath. Also,  highlights can be a few shades lighter than your roots and don’t have to be a dramatic blonde, this makes it more of a natural look.
This technique can be done in multiple ways; I love the balayage technique  because it’s custom to each client. Balayage means to sweep, so it’s like you are painting on the color,  personalizing it for each person. I think the best part of this technique is that it looks natural and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance.”
I did a deep conditioning treatment.
 “Another thing that’s very important with the winter weather being so cold is to to deep condition your hair. Similar to your face and body, your hair needs extra moisture since there is less moisture in the winter air.”
Finally, my hair got a trimmy, trim. 
“And last, getting a trim is something people hate to think about when they want to grow their hair out, but without trimming your hair the split ends travel up the hair strand causing the hair to stop growing. Have you ever thought, I don’t want to cut my hair because it never grows? This is because your hair isn’t healthy and it is breaking off.  Healthy hair that is trimed semi regularly is much more likely to grow faster.”


I love my hair! Kelly nailed the hair color and made my hair look and feel extremely healthy! What else would I expect from a hair genius?

Get in Touch with Kelly Peach!


photo by: Lavenda Memory

If you need a hair-revamp, hair counseling, a hair intervention, need to get out of being era-stuck, or just simply want your hair to rock your world….you need to go see my friend Kelly Peach @ New Vintage Beauty Lounge
You can also check out her hair tips on her website…and keep up to date on when her YouTube channel becomes live in January! 
Stay tuned for more hair tips from Kelly Peach coming soon!
Do you have a Sombre?
note* This is a collaborative post by Kelly Peach and I. My services were complimentary for this post, all thoughts and opinions are that of my own.
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