(Crane) Nose Contouring Tutorial

(Crane) Nose Contouring



There is a reason why people like Michael Jackson get their noses carved away into oblivion….it’s called a nose complex and lots of us can relate. Fact: even if you have a small nose, it is still the largest protruding thing on your face and right in the flipping center. When I was a kid there was a mean little boy who called me many (inappropriate) names—but one that stuck in my brain forever was the one about my nose. He called me CRANE…yes, CRANE-nose. Isn’t that a lovely thing to say? Well, it pretty much gave me a nose complex for life. And while my husband will not let me go under the knife, I am a makeup artist, so I can at least curve the complex with a little contouring and highlighting. Let me show you what I see and how I fix it.


What I See


It may be trivial, but when I look at my nose, I immediately see that it is extremely un-even. This my friends, is all genetics. Thanks mom and dad.

Tools You Need



What you will need is a highlighter, a matte darker eyeshadow shade, and a blending brush. These are from Anastasia Beverly Hills and they are actually for your brows. But the colors will work just fine for you nose as well. Plus, since I have them already, I am not going to waist my money purchasing anything else.

Extreme Contouring–Crane Nose Edition


Dude, I am looking hot. But really, I am just showing you where I contour with an extremely dark shade so you get the idea. Here is the rule with contouring and highlighting: Dark recedes and light brings out. If anything on your nose is popping out, that is where you want to shade. Also- if anything on your nose curves, bringing out a shadow on one side, you want to highlight that area just tiny bit.

1. With a matte med. brown eyeshadow shade (or whatever matte brown is darker than your skin), start almost right under your eyebrow, then slope down to the side of the bridge of your nose and go straight down. Do this to both sides of your nose and then connect the two lines at the tip of your nose in almost a “V” shape.
2. If you have an un-even nose like me and it slopes to one side more than the other, shade the side of your nose that “bumps” out with the same matte brown eyeshadow. If you have a bump at the top of your nose, shade the top of that bump a teeny-tiny bit.
3. Use the highlighting pencil and make a long going straight down from the top of your nose, down to the bottom. Tap your fingers along the edges to ensure that you have no harsh lines.

Crane From The Side



This is the side that “bumps” out. See how I shaded it a little more? Easy-breezy.

Finished Crane Nose

And my friends- this is what a contoured (crane) nose looks like when it’s finished. Next in our series is cheekbones. Who doesn’t want that? Stay tuned for tomorrow. (And sorry this is posting so late, my kids are sick, so I had to wait to enter the blog world until they were asleep. But– it is still Monday right?)
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