Oh the B word




On Saturday I went to the grocery store with my 3 year old. With this cozy fall weather it was a hair pulled up, gym clothes on (no, I didn’t workout), and not a trace of makeup anywhere on my face kind of day. I was a sight to see for sure, good thing my husband loves me regardless. But, even though I looked like a complete mess, and totally not beauty blogger/makeup artist status in the least, I still didn’t think I looked entirely terrible.

Well friends, I was at the checkout and I had a bottle of wine that I was purchasing.  Feeling prepared, I laid out my I.D as a courtesy, and to be a step ahead as I knew for sure she would card me; I mean, I am only 30.  But NOT. THIS. DAY! Unfortunately for me, the clerk didn’t even look at the freaking drivers license! And, as if that wasn’t bad enough, she followed her initial blow to my ego with, “Oh, I don’t need to see that. I only card people that look like they are under 27” (MYJAW DROPPED OPEN for a moment in complete disbelief).

As I stood, a bit in shock, I graciously smiled and tried my hardest to pretend like her comment didn’t bother me. I mean, really, do I look older than 27? I use the best skincare around! I have taken care of my skin religiously since I was 20. What the heck is happening???

So, maybe it’s time to reconsider my old Botox routine. I am not apposed to getting older; it happens. I get it. But lately I have noticed some SERIOUS lines in the center of my brows where I guess I have lately developed a habit of furrowing them.  So what would you do? Would you get Botox? And how would you, or have you, responded when someone has said something affirming the fact that yes, your skin is getting older?



note* I have had Botox in my past, it’s been a while. Please don’t take this post as anything but me just trying to be honest about my thoughts while this scenario happened. Also, don’t judge me for having or me having had Botox. I use to work in the medical spa world, and it was a part of my work culture.


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