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On Saturday I went to the grocery store with my 3 year old. With this cozy fall weather it was a hair pulled up, gym clothes on (no, I didn’t workout), and not a trace of makeup anywhere on my face kind of day. I was a sight to see for sure, good thing my husband loves me regardless. But, even though I looked like a complete mess, and totally not beauty blogger/makeup artist status in the least, I still didn’t think I looked entirely terrible.

Well friends, I was at the checkout and I had a bottle of wine that I was purchasing.  Feeling prepared, I laid out my I.D as a courtesy, and to be a step ahead as I knew for sure she would card me; I mean, I am only 30.  But NOT. THIS. DAY! Unfortunately for me, the clerk didn’t even look at the freaking drivers license! And, as if that wasn’t bad enough, she followed her initial blow to my ego with, “Oh, I don’t need to see that. I only card people that look like they are under 27” (MYJAW DROPPED OPEN for a moment in complete disbelief).

As I stood, a bit in shock, I graciously smiled and tried my hardest to pretend like her comment didn’t bother me. I mean, really, do I look older than 27? I use the best skincare around! I have taken care of my skin religiously since I was 20. What the heck is happening???

So, maybe it’s time to reconsider my old Botox routine. I am not apposed to getting older; it happens. I get it. But lately I have noticed some SERIOUS lines in the center of my brows where I guess I have lately developed a habit of furrowing them.  So what would you do? Would you get Botox? And how would you, or have you, responded when someone has said something affirming the fact that yes, your skin is getting older?



note* I have had Botox in my past, it’s been a while. Please don’t take this post as anything but me just trying to be honest about my thoughts while this scenario happened. Also, don’t judge me for having or me having had Botox. I use to work in the medical spa world, and it was a part of my work culture.


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  • I totally support Botox when people know how to use it (and it seems like you do). It’s only a nightmare when people go overboard, either because of personal preference or an overzealous derm. But Botox with a light hand? Totally legit. I haven’t had any yet, but fully plan to when the time comes. I think you should go for it!

  • Dang, that individual needs some serious lessons when it comes to manners. I’m all about doing something for yourself if it makes you feel better. I am 26, turning 27 in February. I have a very fair complexion and sometimes get comments on my under eye circles. I’m also going through a challenge when it comes to my teeth right now. I’m an adult with braces, haha! I never imagined I would have the guts to do it but I did and for the most part it hasn’t been bad at all. In the end, you will always have someone judging you and not liking your style but that just means it isn’t for them. You have to be happy with what you see. I want to age as gracefully as possible. I don’t know what the next 20, 50, 70 years will bring, but I hope I face them with courage and listen to what me heart knows is right.

    • Jade…I bet you look amazing with even with braces on! I had braces when I was 17 (senior year of H.S) and think it was the worst time for having braces.I also agree that there will always be someone judging…and it’s true, you just have to listen to your heart for sure.

  • Hi Kendra,
    I came across your blog, which I love, while reading your reviews on Paula’s Choice. Thank you. I too have had Botox in the past and I love it, just used sparingly to achieve a natural look. My Dr, Mitchell Chasin at reflections center in NJ is awesome. He even cured my gummy smile with Botox after I had my braces removed. I cried, I was so happy. I just treated myself to the Clarisonic Plus at bluemercury as they are giving away an amazing assortment of samples with any $150.00 or more purchase. You have to check it out, from one product junkie to another. Looks pretty cool. I also treated myself to the JeNu eye lip wand thru hsn as they had the best price available. Look, I think you are beautiful and have great skin but if you want Botox, get it sister. Just like I finally gave in to treating myself to the clarisonic and the jenu. Can’t wait to try them out.


    • Gina! Thank you for your comment and I am going to have to check out JeNu! I don’t think there is anything wrong with getting a little “vitamin B” shot either so long as I don’t look froozen in time. xo lady!! Thanks for stoppin by!

  • I forgot one thing. I would respond this way if someone said that to me:
    1. Thank you for bringing that to my attention
    2. I’m sorry that you feel that way

    And then with a BIG smile, wish them a good day. We shall always have the upper hand and leave with grace.

  • I recently started having people guess my age near or at my real age, and it’s been disturbing. They say that my SMILE is what gives it away!!! How does a smile make me look old… darn you laugh lines. I take that back. I love my laugh lines. Welcome to the third decade 🙂 Don’t forget to smile even if it makes you look “old.”

  • Kendra, first of all oh my gosh you do NOT look over 27! You look so young still and I am shocked somebody would say that!!! You have flawless skin and I have no idea where these wrinkles are you speak of? I however have been carded about 3 times in the last 5 years, literally stopped getting carded the day after I got married! Ha! On the Botox front, I say if you think you need it, get it if it will make you happy. However don’t get it if sombody else makes you feel like you’re less enough to push you over the edge. Who cares what others think, everyone’s opinion is different. In fact I wonder how many people would say you look 22? I however have sided with the fact that my skin can’t be helped despite my trying. I have huge pores, acne scarring and uneven tone, I KNOW why I dont get carded. Maybe it isn’t because I look old, I just look too tired and weathered to be young? Ha! I say this all with a smile of course… With this said, I would be the girl who would want Botox, yet is too scared to get it, and who’s husband would be begging me not to. So alas, I am stuck. There’s my more than 2 cents! Love your blog!

    • Thanks Andrea, you are too kind! I wouldn’t get Botox based on someone elses comments…I have had lots before in my early and mid twenties. so…we shall see! And your skin DOES NOT look bad…you are crazy! I just think the fact that we have kids and dark circles from being up all night taking care of them…sort of plays into it all!!

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