OMBRE Nail Tutorial-Disaster Meets Success



Well, before I start this tutorial, I would like you all to know that I am NOT a nail expert. But I did see a picture of an Ohmbre nail design and thought it looked easy enough to replicate! Well friends, I was very mistaken on the easy part. Follow along with my tutorial, my mistakes, and my final success!


p.s- I totally spelled Ombre wrong…it’s has no “H” in it. Ombre not OHmbre.


Round 1 

Start out with my base nail polish, a cream nude. Made sure to let it dry.

I used three colors, the base, a neon yellow, and a teal green.

Blend the edges of the colors together with a stick of some sort that you don’t mind getting polish on.

Dip sponge into nail polish and then press the sponge with the colors onto your nails.

Didn’t that look like I was doing the steps correct? Yup…wrong. Total disaster on my sad, sad nail. There were lots of thing’s wrong with this situation, including the sponge which was not what I needed. Next time I will switch the type of sponge I use.

Round 2

Let’s just switch to two colors. I put the base on my nail like before, then blended the edges of these two nail polishes together.

Dip the cosmetic sponge into the nail polish.

Press the sponge onto the nail.

I discovered a new way to take off all of my nail polish!! Not what I was looking for. At this point I am pretty much done with trying out this nail technique…but I thought I would give it one more go.

Round 3

Switching colors again, I decide I will use the neon yellow and the teal. Instead of dipping the sponge into nail polish, I just paint the nail polish onto the cosmetic sponge. I make one stripe of the neon yellow, then one stripe next to it with the neon yellow and teal, then finally a stripe of just the teal.

Press the sponge with the nail polish onto a blank nail (no nail polish) and you get a very light layer.

I do the same thing again once that layer is dried. Make sure to add more nail polish to the sponge.

And do the same thing again until you are satisfied with how it looks.

Now doesn’t this look GREAT!? I am soo excited!  Just use some nail polish remover around the perimeter of the nail where the polish got on the skin and you are done! You can always add a clear layer of nail polish over the top as well.

Of course you can use any colors you want, I just thought it would be fun to do a more bright, eccentric ohmbre. If you do this, please share!

xoxo- Kendra Stanton Beauty Blogger and Portland Makeup Artist

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