The One Makeup Brush You Need

Having the right makeup brushes are essential for a flawless and well blended application. And, while I could go on and on about my makeup brush essentials, I want to focus on the one makeup brush I can’t live without that blends my eyeshadow like none other. Let me tell you about the one makeup brush you need and why you need it if you don’t already own it. This might come as a shocker because it has nothing to do with foundation or contouring and highlighting the face, it’s actually the blender eye shadow brush. No joke, I have at-least 5 of these in my makeup kit to ensure that I always have one around. Truthfully, I would have an internal melt down if I somehow forgot it while doing a makeup job.

the one makeup brush you need for perfect eyeshadow blending

Here’s the deal, the difference between a good eye makeup application and a bad one is how blended it is and how seamlessly the eyeshadow colors melt into each other. Unless you are doing a distinct cat eye where the outline is meant to be blunt, you shouldn’t be able to tell where your eyeshadow starts and where it stops. There should be a gorgeous progression and flow of the eyeshadow through blending.

That’s where this blender eyeshadow brush comes in handy. The ones I love are an oval fluffy shape that is made of real hair that grasps the eyeshadow and makes it easy to blend. You mainly use this brush in the contour of your eyelid where the crease is. It significantly helps when you are trying to blend out harsh lines and create a well-blended eyeshadow design.

To use this brush effectively, you want to dip it into an eyeshadow color that suitable for darkening and contouring your eye crease. Then I like to start at the outside corner of the crease and make small circles towards the inner crease, wipe off my brush, and do small circles back the other way. I do this probably five or six times until the eye shadow is completely blended and there are no harsh lines anywhere what-so-ever.

 find the best eyeshadow blender brush

I have owned and used a ton of these eyeshadow blender brushes and let me tell you, they are not all created equel. I don’t like the ones that have long bristles but are not fluffy…they do a terrible job. You want one with long bristles that is also nice and fluffy in order to really grasp the eyeshadow and blend well. So, the eyeshadow blender brush that I love is by Jane Iredale and I have used it for years and years; it just gets the job done (found HERE at Nordstroms for $22.00). However, there is another that I like maybe even a but more because it’s handcrafted and blends like no one; it’s by Wayne Goss (found HERE). It’s a few dollars more, but it does a phenomenal job of quickly and easily blending eyeshadow together.

the best makeup brushes for blending eyeshadow

Either way, both of these makeup brush options are amazing and you can’t go wrong. So, if you don’t have an eyeshadow blender brush for the crease of your eye, check my favorite ones out here and here. Truly, if you are a makeup pro or are just looking for better makeup application, you need to get one right away. Just trying to look out for you.

Have a great day!

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