Get the Perfect Pout with PMD KISS Beauty Gadget

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I have small lips and to be honest, I like them a little fuller. Not a Kylie Jenner full lip, just a little extra plumpness. I have had injectables a few times and while the results are fun, it can be painful and leave you bruised for several days. It’s the holidays and I don’t have time for bruises so I am going for a safer lip plumping option that gives immediate results and isn’t toxic to my body in any way. Welcome to the PMD Kiss; the beauty gadget that makes your lips fuller and give your the perfect pout for you!

How to Get Plump lips at home using the PMD Kiss beauty gadget

This new lip enhancing beauty gadget not only helps to plump up your lips but with daily use, it can help keep them young by boosting your collagen. This means that over time the fine lines on your lips will start to fade and your lips will appear fuller. Yes, please.

How to Get Plump lips at home using the PMD Kiss beauty gadget

With that said, since my lips are small, I didn’t except Angelina Jolie size lips. That would be awesome and also perhaps a little weird. But, I am happy to say that it did give me a fuller and more plum version of my mama gave me…or lack there of in the lip department. I was pleasantly surprised with my results!

I have been using the PMD Kiss beauty device for a few weeks now. I like that it’s small enough that I can put it into my purse for on-the-go use. It comes with a lip plumping serum that you apply to clean lips prior to using the tool. Once you have applied the serum, you power up the PMD Kiss and start plumping.

How to Use the PMD Kiss Tool

How to Get Plump lips at home using the PMD Kiss beauty gadget

This device is really easy to use. You just apply the lip serum first, than press the device to the six sections of your lips that PMD recommends and let it pulse 15-20 times (in each section). Yes, you will look silly doing it, but it’s completely pain-free and your lips will look amazing. Trust me.

Before and After

How to Get Plump lips at home using the PMD Kiss beauty gadget

Check out my before and after using the PMD Kiss beauty gadget. The immediate results are amazing and my husband is a fan too. Score. You can expect the results to last for two to three hours and then over time, with the collagen boost, it could last longer.

How to Get Plump lips at home using the PMD Kiss beauty gadget

I love that the PMD Kiss isn’t just immediate lip plumping; it really is a fantastic anti-aging device for lips. So, if you are wanting to have a fuller pucker or you are simply just wanting to bring some youthfulness back to your lips, I highly recommend this device.

If you are wanting bigger lips, you can currently get the PMD KISS beauty gadget for 20% off! with the code PRIMP20 at checkout!

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