How to Save Trashy Platinum Blonde Hair

When you have blonde, blonde hair that has been bleached to the moon and back because you want that fake platinum Kardashian look, you have to take really good care of it. I’m talking about shampoo’s and conditioners that keep your locks bright without looking brassy and also platinum blonde hair care tips to keep it from breaking at the ends. My hair has been through proverbial “hell” to get it to the color it is now, and because of that, I  am doing everything I can to keep it well kept. So, I wanted to share with you what I do to keep my platinum hair healthy and the strict regimen my hairstylist has me on.

Easy tips for saving blonde hair from breaking and also how to keep it toned and fresh looking. No body likes that brassy look!

Every time I go really blonde, my hairstylist, Michelle, from Blush You Inc. in Austin, TX gives me a full-blown lecture on keeping it healthy. To be honest, in blonde days past, I didn’t stick to the hair care plan and so we ended up having to chop off four inches; it looked like someone put it through the washing machine when it should have gone through the dry-cleaner. Do you understand what I mean? I wrecked my blonde hair and we had to do major damage control.

5 Platinum Blonde Hair Care Tips

what hair care tools and products you should be using the save your platinum blonde hair

I asked my hair stylist to give us some platinum blonde hair care tips so you can have the brass-free color you want without breakage and added damage. Here are the five things she suggests for you and I and our trashy blonde hair.


1. Less Hair Washing: ” Do not wash your hair every day! I recommend not washing your hair more than every four days. Let me be really blunt with you, if you say you can’t go longer than a couple of days, you really don’t want platinum blonde hair.” You guys can check out my post on how I wash my hair every seven days and, while it sounds gross, you have to do it if you want your hair really blonde that doesn’t look fried.


2. How to Wash Platinum Blonde Hair: “You really only need to wash your scalp. In other words, don’t pile your hair on top of your hair and scrubby-dub-dub it like they do in the commercials. Your bleach blonde hair is already fragile and so washing anything but your scalp could cause more damage. You can use a blue/violet shampoo to keep your blonde from going yellow, orange, and brassy. When you use a conditioner, only apply it to the mid-length and down.”

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3. Deep Conditioner for Blonde Hair: “Use a weekly repairing or deep conditioner. I love Pravana’s The Perfect Blonde Toning Mask; it’s a great way to add extra moisture to your hair and combat brassiness at the same time.”

TRY IT: Pravana The Pefect Blonde Toning Mask $17, Amazon


4. Minimal Heat: “I know you want that platinum blonde hair styled to kingdom come, but if you want to keep it in good shape, try to alternate hairstyles to avoid using hair tools daily. And, if you do need to style your hair with a hair tool, make sure you use a heat protectant. For my blonde hair clients, I recommend Sebastian Trilliant Heat Protection.”

If you’re looking for a flat iron that won’t cause extra damage, try the Cool Tools.

TRY IT: Sebastian Trilliant Heat Protection $19.99, ULTA


5. Avoid Hair Breakage: “Listen, one of the biggest reasons we had to cut Kendra’s platinum hair four inches is because she wore it in a top knot and ponytail almost every day with a standard hair tie that shredded the ends of her hair. You can totally wear your hair up, but just make sure you only use non-hair-breaking accessories like an invisibobble or scrunchie (high-five that the 80’s are swinging around again). Also, make sure to avoid too many bobbi-pins.”

TRY IT: Invisibobble $8, Amazon; Scrunchies 7 for $10, Amazon

Here is my before and after using the Blonde hair shampoo and conditioner I love to keep my hair from being brassy.

how I tone my blonde hair and keep it from being brassy plus tips and tricks for saving blonde hair.


how I tone my blonde hair and keep it from being brassy plus tips and tricks for saving blonde hair.


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