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Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics


Do you ever feel like you might actually be the weird, neurotic person in the neighborhood that everyone is watching? Well, I think I may have become that person the day my package from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics arrived. No, I didn’t wait to walk the half a block home to open up the box I had been anticipating, nor did I even sit down, that would be far too practical. No, no I stood there trying to pry the box open with a combo of my hands and legs (awkward sounding I know), and then just when I thought I should give up and go home, I felt the pop which jolted me, throwing me backwards into the metal mailbox. Lovely. But either way, it was opened so I peeled back the box doors and found an array of beautiful colors peaking out at me begging me to try them all out.

I surely didn’t waist any time as I rushed back home to take apart my already opened package of beautiful makeup. This is not any ordinary cosmetic line though, this is 100% Vegan and Cruelty free, and has a huge following amongst top makeup artists for it’s carefully curated formulations and intense color quality (and selection I might add). So let me show you what I got and easily became obsessed with!


Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Professional Brushes:


These clean and modern looking ergonomic brushes make me smile a bit as they don’t even look like a usual set you might see at a department store. They are beautifully crafted and 100% Vegan made from a blend of Nylon and Taklon. I have played with many synthetic brushes, and I usually have a hard time picking up product with them as the shadow usually slip right off. However, with these brushes, I was able to dip the brush into the loose OCC shadows and apply them without major fall out of product onto my face leaving me with a mess to clean up. My favorite brush of the set is the #003 concealer brush as it does a great job of getting into little corners. I don’t have any complaints about these brushes, they are wonderful, cruelty free, and a great price! Check them out here.


#001 Large Powder Brush $28.00

#002 Foundation Brush $24.00

#003 Concealer Brush $22.00

#007 Large Shader Brush $20.00

#006 Short Shader Brush $22.00

#008 Small Shader Brush $20.00

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Loose Colour Concentrates


With 33 vibrant colors to choose from, you will have plenty of opportunities to create any look you are lusting over. As you can see from the photo before, these shadows are packed with pigment which means a little goes a very, very long way. I appreciate loose shadows for many reason (including the ones I just mentioned), but the only downside to them is that they can be rather messy. If you spill them, it can be a major pain to clean up, and if it’s on carpet…it may end up being a nasty stain. I am just speaking from experience here. But other than that, so long as you are careful and close the lids nice and tight, you have some beautiful Vegan shadows that when worn, will make heads turn. Oh- and last but not least…these 2.5g pots of pigments only cost $12.00 a piece! That is a great buy I must say. Check them out here.

From Left to Right: Ironic, Smote, Cava Blue, Flicker, Nori, Static, Platonic, Glisten, Atmosphere, Flawed


OCC Lip Tar


If you want to try something innovative, long lasting, pigment packed, and utterly beautiful…you must purchase the Lip Tar! Awkward name perhaps, but this cult followed fave deserves some serious beauty awards for being incredibly unique and unlike anything I personally have ever tried before. It applies easily like a gloss if you do it correctly, smells like fresh peppermint leaves, and dry’s to a matte beautiful finish plus can be worn as a cream blush as well. With that said, there are a few thing’s that are necessary for you to know before opening up the lid and applying. On the web site they have specific instruction, but I will give you my personal story as I had a lovely experience that was kind of interesting. I unfortunately didn’t read the instructions (I was so anxious to try it out) and saw the bright Lip Tar in Anime (my fave), opened it up, applied, then realized I had enough for the entire city of Portland on my lips. Now it was time to try and get it off…it was a fiasco to say the least. So there, you are officially warned, a small, tiny, half a rice size amount is all you need. This $13.00 8ml tube should last you the rest of your life. Check them out here.


Left to Right and Down: Anime, Tone, Divine, Interlace


Eyes: Flawed on lower eyelid and under lower lash line, Smote into crease and Ironic in corner of eyes to highlight.

Lips: Interlace Lip Tar

Cheeks: Divine Lip Tar



Eyes: Flawed on Lower eyelid, into crease and tear duct. Cava Blue into corner of eye, outer corner of eye, and into the crease blended well. Nori on outside corner and sweeped under lower lash line.

Lips: Tone Lip Tar

Cheeks: Interlace Lip Tar and Flicker Loose Colour Concentrate to highlight and add glow.


Overall Thoughts

Well it’s easy to read from above that I am sold on this product! From a consumer (and Portlander)¬† standpoint I love the idea of it being Vegan and Cruelty Free and that these products are multi-purpose. I had no idea the amount of animal bi-products that are in cosmetics. From a Makeup Artist stand point, these pigments are a dream and it is nice to be able to offer clients the option of Vegan cosmetics. From a beauty blogger standpoint, it’s nice to try out and write about products that are far from the usual.

For more information on OCC and their other fabulous products, like their airbrush foundation options and new Tinted Moisturizer, checo out


Note* These items were provided by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics for review and use on a television segment about Vegan Cosmetics. I was not payed for my review, these are my own thoughts, opinions, and experiences.

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