Review: Belletto Studio Airbrush Makeup and Healthy Tan Airbrush System

belletto-studio-airbrush-machineIf you have been on for a while, you would know that I am a huge fan of airbrush makeup–especially for bridal season (which is pretty much here). Today I am showing you the Belletto Studio HD skin secrets studio airbrush system and set. This isn’t just for the seasoned makeup artist to pull out of her bag of tricks–now you can have airbrushed makeup every day of your life, and, it’s really pretty simple.

Belletto-studio-formulaThe Belletto Skin Secrets Starter kit came with the easy-to-use airbrush machine, airbrush pen, 4 foundations, a blush, and a bronzer. It was nice to have so many foundation options to choose from in the kit as I was able to mix the shades a little bit and get the perfect one. If mixing a foundation shade freaks you out, you can definitely use just one shade and not have to mix at all. I just happen to be a little neurotic in this department.

For myself, I used three drops of shade F6 and mixed it with one drop of  F5. Depending on how much coverage you want/need, three to four drops was more than enough to cover my entire face and then some. I learned very quickly that this small little bottle goes an etremely long way!


Belletto-studio-airbrush-threeThis is my skin before using the Belletto Studio HD airbrush system. I have pretty decent skin, but still notice some splotchy red zones and scarring from a bout with acne in my early 20’s.

Belletto-studio-airbrush-4To use this system is actually really simple.

1. You just need to connect one end of the black tube that is provided to the airbrush gun, and the other one to the actual machine.

2. Then drop 3-4 drops of your perfect Belletto Studio formula into the large opening on top of gun.

3. Next press the on button at the top of machine and choose which setting you would like to use: low, med, or high.

4. Pull back the lever on the gun about half way and begin airbrushing by holding the gun 3-4 inches away from your face and begin making circular movement around your face until you get your desired look and coverage. Belletto suggests practicing with water first until you get the hang of it, that way you don’t waist product. For more instructions on how to use this, go here.


Pros: I loved how even my skin-tone looked after using the Belletto Airbrush System, plus it didn’t feel like I had anything on my face. The blush that came in this kit was a beautiful pink shade and no joke, they say this lasts for hours and hours on your skin. I am going to add like five more hours on top of that–this has some serious staying power. Perfect for a cry fest, humid weather, and anything else where your makeup could potentially have a major melt down. Plus it is also paraben free, silicone free, oil free, fragrance free, alcohal free, dye free, cruelty free, hypoallergenic, and non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores). That my friends is a rather long list of good things.

Cons: There is no cap to cover where you put the makeup into which made me nervous that I was going to spill the product onto my clothes if I wasn’t paying attention. Maybe it did come with a cap and I just didn’t see it–who knows.

Price: $379.95 for the entire set that I received.


Belletto Healthy Glow Airbrush Tanning

belletto-studio-airbrush-tanningI am absolutely in love with the Belletto Healthy Glow airbrush system! This set came with the airbrush compressor, tanning gun, and two bottles of tanning solution. You just plug the solution into the gun (gun should be connected to a tube that connects to the compressor) as directed, hold the pen 6 inches away from your body, start at your ankles and begin airbrushing in circular motion upwards. Make sure to not go over the same section twice in one pass. I did end up doing 2 full passes though since I am pretty pasty white. I loved how easy this was to do, and the color was a-maz-ing.

Pros: No smell what-so-ever, non- greasy, non-streaking, FDA approved and gives you the most beautiful sun kissed skin without the sun damage. Plus, it can last you up to 15 days.

Cons: Before doing this I watched the instructional video which suggests using a friend to airbrush your back side. I sort of thought that was really inconvenient….and then I realized, I would have to do that with any self tanner I used because there is no way to reach my back. Silly me. So, this isn’t really a “con” per say, it’s just a fact that I literally can’t spray tan or self bottle tan my back without help.


Here is my tan after using two passes on the Belletto Studio Healthy Tan Airbrush System! You can scroll up and see my before as I did this the same evening. I was a little scared I would end up looking like Snookie in her tanning days, feeling pretty good that didn’t happen.

Price is $158.95 if you already have the compressor for the airbrush makeup.


Rating: 5 (I can’t live without you)

xoxo- Kendra

*These products were provided to me for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are that of my own.




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  • I’m considering buying one of the tanning systems! Could you please tell me how many ounces of the solution you needed to use for just the one “session” you did? Thanks for doing this review! :]

    • Hi Alexandra!

      Thanks for asking. I went through about a half of an ounce total for my entire body. Here’s the thing though…I am freaking short (5’1), so if you are taller than me, you will most likely need a little more. I really liked the color of this solution though–it was great and really easy.

  • I ordered this system last July and loved it at first, however, once it breaks you are out of luck. They will not honor their warranty! They want me to spend $30 to replace the airbrush gun that has a supposed lifetime warranty and send my original back. I wouldn’t recommend after this experience, customer service has stopped responding.

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