Review: Bobbi Brown Neons And Nudes Spring 2012 Collection

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First off, I have to say that this collection sparked excitement in me. I love the entire concept because of the combination of two hot makeup trends…neon’s and nudes. So I made my way to my favorite Bobbi Brown counter in Nordstom’s here in the burbs of Portland, at the Washington Square Mall to test and try.

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Ultra Nude Eye Palette

Encased in a classic Black Bobbi Brown palette was the Ultra Nude Eye shadow shades. For the most part I liked this palette….at least I like the concept of it.  I wasn’t too crazy about the 2nd, 3rd and 5th (going left to right) because they had larger specks of glitter in them which made them less pigmented. My favorites were the 1st, 4th, and 6th shade as the pigments were incredibly rich and I didn’t have to keep layering.

Price- $45.00

Rating: We can be friends…but (3/5 points)

Single Eyeshadow

Blue Bell Eyeshadow and Ultra Violet Shimmer Wash

While I am obsessing over these sassy shades, I really did not see much in the way of a shimmer in the Ultra Violet Shimmer Wash shadow. Both of these shadows appeared to be pretty matte in my opinion, and I was pretty up close and personal. Either way, I loved them and they are hands down one of my favorites in this collection. Oh, and I have to mention that the size of the shadows are enormous!

Price- $21.00

Rating: I think I really like you (4/5 points)


Nude Pink and Nude Peach

Not much pigment huh? But both of these matte blush options are meant to be “muted” so that they beautifully accent your lips and eyes to make them pop. The Nude Peach blush reminded me of the NARS Orgasm blush- but with a cheaper price tag.

Price- $24.00 (not a bad price)

Rating: We can be friends…but (3/5 points)

 Lip Gloss

Citrus, Ultra Violet, Cosmic Pink swatches

Lip glosses are one of those things that just seem rather basic in my opinion. These on the other hand are anything but basic! They are infused with botanical extracts, bright in color, different, and completely not sticky. In a nut shell, that is how I would describe these lovely lip glosses! My favorite color is the Ultra Violet as it will enhance my green eyes, then after that I think I will be snatching up the Cosmic Pink.

Price- $23.00

Rating: I can’t live without you (5/5 points)

Lip Color

Uber Beige, Neon Pink swatches

I am all about the Orange lips since they emerged as a hot commodity for lip shades last year. So I was so excited to try out the Atomic Orange lipstick until the ladies at the counter broke to me the sad news that it was not in stock and the tester was even gone! So, I am just going to have to assume that the Atomic Orange was amazing. If I get a swatch of it I will update this post. As far as the other two colors, I am in love with the neon pink, but I think the beige is kind of boring. All shades have Vitamin E, C and Beeswax to help our lips stay healthy and soft.


Rating: I think I really like you (4/5 points)

Limited Edition Ink Liner

From a natural look to a vintage look, you can accomplish both with this fine point precision Ink Liner. It is very easy to control, mess free, and stays put once completely dried. I touched it after a minute of drying and it didn’t budge. I also ran it under water without rubbing it and it stayed put. Not too bad! If you are a bride however, I would still opt for something waterproof.


Rating: I think I really like you (4/5 points)

Thoughts and Opinions

I was a little disappointed with the color pay off on the shadow palette but I got over it quickly once I started playing with the lipsticks, glosses, and brighter single shadows. I have to say, I am a huge fan! Everything from the packaging to the neon colors and even the pricing is attractive. But most of all, this collection get’s me excited for the Spring. I can’t wait to pair some neon lips with a subtle nude eye and black liner.

-A big thanks to the Bobbi Brown Washington Square Counter at Nordstrom’s for letting me come and play for a bit. If you live here in Oregon, drop by their counter and say hello : )

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  • Way to go Bobbi bringin the Neons & Nudes together…makes me want to play makeup right now …especially with the Neons! Also Lovin the new rating system… crack me up! Wish I had been with you playin with all the Fab. new colors. I also give a big Ups to the Bobbi girls at the WA SQ cnt. They Rock and let me come play all the time:)))

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