Review- Dermelect Pore Revolution & T-Zone Mattifier

Dermelect is a skin care company that seems so be popping up everywhere! All of my favorite “go-to” online beauty shops are now selling their product, and they have been featured in my favorite skin care magazine, New Beauty (along with a slew of other hot mags.) which always promotes the “best of the best.” So I was ecstatic when given the opportunity to review the Dermelect Pore Revolution & T-Zone Mattifier. When I review a skin care product, I like to give it time as I need to know what it will do with my skin to give it an accurate review. I have been using this product faithfully for a month as I think that makes the most sense to me! So if you are someone who wants smooth, oil free, smaller pore sized skin, take a peak and see how this worked for me!

Here is what Dermelect Say’s about their Product, “This revolutionary, powdery cream works instantly to control shine and reduce large, clogged pores resulting in fresh, pure, matte skin with a velvety-soft feel. Specifically developed for the midface and T-zone areas. Salicylic acid stimulates cellular turnover and penetrates pores to sweep away blockage while watercress extract helps clarify the skin. Natural soothers such as willow leaf extract calm even the most irritant prone skins. Excellent for all skin types. Pores are tightened and refined while the T-Zone area becomes matted.”

The Packaging

If you are a a packaging person, you will like the clean, modern look of this product. Everything look’s very professional, like it should be on the shelves of dermatology clinic.  Plus it’s small enough that you can easily keep it with you during the day for a “just in case” moment.


The Ingredients and Consistancy

Main ingredients are : Salicylic Acid, Huberderm™ 1000, Willow Leaf Extract, Watercress Extract

When you apply this product to your skin, it has almost a silk like texture to it. It does have silicone in the ingredient list which is what helps it to glide so beautifully over the skin.

The Experience

My first thought when using this was that it could definitely doubled as a foundation primer due to the silicone in. There really is no need to apply a foundation primer when using this as it already does a fantastic job of smoothing out the skin. But the wonderful thing about this is that it has the salicylic which helps to shrink and minimize the pores plus keeps my foundation on longer. I mine as well use something that has some skin-care benefits to it as well.


Look at the before and afters of my hand with this product. My hand before isn’t in terrible shape, but you can see the texture shift in the second photo. It really does help to fill in and smooth over those tiny lines on my hand.



Area Next To My Nose



Next to my nose is where I tend to get the most clogged pores and I am extremely obsessive about it. In the above picture you can see that my pores are clearly still there, but they are not so deep and apparent looking. My skin has been in pretty good shape, and honestly it’s hard to tell if it’s from this product or not since I do regular chemical peels, microderms, and other forms of exfolient’s during my daily/weekly routine. But I can say this, It didn’t clog my pores or cause any skin malfunction. As far as keeping down the oil on my skin, unless I did a vigorous work-out, my skin maintained a grease free look all day long. I actually never even had to re-apply.


The Price

On the Dermelect Web site, it is $28.00, which is not a bad price for this item, especially if you can use it as your foundation primer too!

Giving Back

Here is another reason to be impressed with this company! During the month of October, when you purchase the Resurface Stem Cell Reconstruction Serum, 20% of the proceeds will be donated the Young Survival Coalition in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. You can check back right here on this blog next week for a review of that product, I am already loving it and can’t wait to show it off!



**Note- This product was given to me by Dermelect for reviewing purposes. I am not getting payed for this review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.



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