Review: Dermelect Resilient Stem Cell Regenerating Treatment

This product is kind of like a mini army going to battle for your overall skin health every day that you use it. If you are looking for a good moisturizer (that actually moisturizes) that can also provide healing of damaged skin cells, fight off free radicals, and help prevent future fine lines and wrinkles, this will be your new best friend! So far I have tried three items from Dermelect, all have been wonderful, but this one just might be my favorite. If you still looking for a fabulous Christmas present…why not bless someone with good skincare this season?

Here is what Dermelect Says:

“A new generation of skin care is ushered in based on the science of Botanical Wound Healing (BWH). By harnessing the plant stem cells from natures mysterious wonder- the Alpine Rose– Dermelect has infused a pioneering, anti-aging innovation for the prevention of facial wrinkles and regeneration of healthy skin. Extracted from the stem cells of the Alpine Rose, Resilient Stem Cell Regenerating Treatmentis an indulgently rich cream that provides a luxurious barrier to the damaging factors (environmental free radicals and natural aging) that work to break down your skins stem cell production.  The key function for skin tissue stem cells is to continuously regenerate brand new skin and be the basis for healing damaged skin. Formulated with Alpine Rose technology, this cream provides the potential to reverse skin damage through the stimulation of new skin from the stem cell reservoirs.  By allowing the stem cells to increase their potency and promote cell regeneration, tissue is reconstructed to a denser quality and more elastic skin.

Also formulated with Alpha Hydroxy Acid to help exfoliate and moisturize the top layers of the skin and the anti-inflammatory Mushroom Extract to help control and reduce skin irritation.”

The Packaging

The packaging is very sleek, it looks like it belongs in a dermatology office, don’t you think?

The Product

I tried to get this as clear as possible, but it’s a tiny bit blurry. I apologize! But you can see this packaging it clear and it is easy to open and close.


Inside The Packaging

The consistency is very creamy, yet still lightweight.

You don’t need much of this product, a little goes a very long way! This is all I need to moisturize my entire face.

Here I have the Dermelect Resilient Stem Cell Regenerating treatment on my arm. It rubs in nicely to the skin while still leaving a nice glow.


My Two Week Use

I am extremely avid about my skincare routine, so when testing a product I like to give it at least 10-30 days to see how my skin reacts etc before posting a review. When I opened up the bottle, it has a faint rose scent to it which is a key ingredient to this product. Usually I am not a huge rose fragrance kind of girl, but this didn’t smell like someone was jamming rose petals up my nose if you know what I mean.

Right off the bat, I enjoyed how great this product moisturized my kin with out it feeling like I had grease and oil everywhere. That is a huge plus to me as I tend to have skin that breaks outs. As  far as “anti-aging” benefits, the ingredients tell me that this will help fight free radicals and turn over skin cells, which is not instant gratification. Here is what I have noticed so far using this product:

1) Moisturized and dewy skin.

2) Zero break out (a huge plus).

3) Pore size and texture of skin have remained in great condition.

Cost and Value

As I have said before in previous reviews of Dermelect, the technology behind this product is outstanding, and investment in good skincare in my opinion is invaluable. With that said, this product only has 1 oz in it and it is $79.00. That is on the higher side of the price scope- especially since it is only 1 oz of product. However, that is pretty typical for investment products that is not just a moisturizer, but a treatment as well.

Overall Thoughts and Opinions

I enjoyed this product and am so glad I could use it without having a skin reaction. Would I recommend it for you? Everyone has different skin types with different needs, while I don’t think this is for everyone, if you are looking for high technology product, this is the one for you! You can purchase this product at or at my favorite online beauty store,

**This product was given to me for Review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.




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