Review: Dermelect Rose Stem Cell Technology

Anytime is a good time for an anti-aging product in my opinion! About a month ago Dermelect sent me their Rose Stem Cell Technology serum to test out for review, I had never heard of such a thing, so I was interested in trying it out.

What It Is Straight From The Source

A new generation of skin care is ushered in based on the science of Botanical Wound Healing (BWH). By harnessing the plant stem cells from natures mysterious wonder- the Alpine Rose– Dermelect has infused a pioneering, anti-aging innovation for the prevention of facial wrinkles and regeneration of healthy skin. Dermelect Resurface Stem Cell Reconstructing Serum is the first to feature a dual function stem cell technology designed to boost facial skin stem cell activity and help stimulate skin’s protein production. With the first application, the cycle has begun as the serum absorbs evenly and beautifully to protect precious skin stem cells by neutralizing the environmental free radicals and stressors that threaten it.  By preserving the stem cells, the potential to regenerate new, healthy skin cells will only yield youthful-acting, glowing, smoother skin.  Resurface skin-perfecting serum utilizes extracted stem cells of the Swiss Alpine Rose characterized by it’s resilient and resurgent ability to flourish in the most unfavorable conditions- high oxidative, UV stress and environmental aggressors. Also formulated with EcoSkin, a stimulator of skin’s natural defense mechanisms and Vitamin Cantioxidant to complement the skins natural healing ability.

The Alpine Rose: Defying the odds, the Swiss Alpine Rose is an anomaly that grows remarkably beautiful while being exposed to the most unfavorable of conditions: mile high altitude, extreme dryness, severe cold and an intense sun/UV index. Usually, roses are known to oxidize quickly once picked and exposed to the environment. The Alpine Rose has an amazing extended life span of up to 100 years. The key to its unlikely longevity lays chiefly in its unusually resilient stem cells.

Stem cells in plants function much as they do in people. Their job is to maintain and repair tissue.  Adult human skin stem cells have a limited life span as aging and environmental assaults decrease their number and their ability to regenerate tissue. Plant stem cell extracts have been proven to protect skin from UV oxidative stress and inhibit inflammation. It can also control metaloproteinase activation (skin discoloration), collagen loss and tissue damage while combating destructive free radicals that lead to photo-aging.

Environmental stress and aging compromise and infiltrate the skins barrier function resulting in a drier skin and accelerated aging. Because our skin stem cells control the formation, maintenance, renewal and repair of the entire skin, the initial strategy to implement is to enhance the skin barrier by:

  • preserving the function of epidermal stem cells
  • protecting them from environmental stress

Dermelect Stem Cell treatments help maintain the rose stem cells characteristics to help protect the skin from UV stress, prevent the formation of wrinkles while reducing the look of fine lines and creases.

17 Day Study:

  • wrinkles were 45% less visible
  • complexion was 54% more radiant

Main Ingredients

My Experience

Everything about this product sounds amazing, I love anything that is unique in its technology for anti-aging purposes. My first positive for this product is the nice packaging. I appreciated that the bottle was a pump which made it mess free and easy to use. There was a very faint Rose fragrance which was pleasant and not intrusive, a huge plus. When I pumped the serum into my hand, a clear and smooth pea size amount came out which I found was sufficient for my entire face. When I was done applying the product, it left me with a very pretty dewy and soft complexion.

A Few Days Later

I always like to give my skin time to respond to a product as I tend to be a bit acne prone. After using this product for a three days I started to notice my skin was starting to acquire some blemishes and more blackheads than usual. I still used the serum for two more days until I got a rather large blemish and knew my skin wasn’t happy. At that point I decided to stop using the product for a while to let me skin heal and give it a break. After two weeks of not using it, I got it back out and started using it again, I like to give products a real good chance. But it was a no go for my skin type, I used it for two days and then started breaking out again.


Not For Me, But Maybe For You

Everyone has a different skin type and different skins react to different things. I have no idea what in this product caused my skin to breakout, but I always have to be cautious when using a product anyways. With that said, I wouldn’t check this off the list of things to try just because I broke out. If you are not prone to breakouts, you should still try it out as the research and technology (as I said) is really phenomenal.



This 1 oz product is $75.00 which is pretty average in pricing for good skin care.

Overall Thoughts

I have to be honest, I was disappointed that this product didn’t work out for me. I am getting closer to 30 and anything with the benefits that this product says it has is extremely appealing. With that said, I am not tossing this product out, I will be passing it along to my mom! There is no way I am getting rid of an amazing product just because my clogged prone skin can’t handle it.


Note** This product was given to me for reviewing purposes. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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