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Faux Lashes


We have all heard it, “eyes are the windows to the soul” so if that’s the case, shouldn’t we dress them in serious style?  Thanks to Faux Lashes, I was given the opportunity to discover a whole new world of false lashes and deck out my eyes in luxury.  It’s the small thing’s in life really, like a Vanilla latte made with a heart in the foam, the scent of a delicious perfume walking by, or perhaps a little black box filled with pretty lashes. I am excited to show these off to you guys! You will fall in love…


It all started with a little black box…


Filled with pretty things…


In pretty pink packaging…


Introducing Faux Lashes, “meticulously crafted with 100% sterilized human hair and high quality synthetic blends.”  Each set of lashes have been hand knotted to make sure that they last longer than traditional falsies. From personal experience, other brands of falsies get completely annihilated after just one use, with these, they looked perfect after I took them off. If taken care of, they should last a while.



“Lash of love,” the coolest concept ever, is what makes me respect this company immensely. This is not just a lash company, this is a company that understand the need to have a humanitarian heart. Every 6 months Faux Lashes will introduce a new style of lashes that will be it’s “lash of love.” When these lashes are purchased, 100% of it’s proceeds will go towards national organizations that help women in need.  This is a company that “get’s it,” and it’s another reason why I love them.


How To Apply Them…



Other Tips




The Lashes


Audrey $16.00: Natural lashes that are perfect for daytime or night time.


Here they look like my natural lashes.


Check out the beautiful length I got from these lashes, don’t they look like they are mine? For you ladies that are scared of false lashes, these would be perfect for you.


Sasha $16.00: These made me feel glamorous to say the least, check out how each hair is so intricately placed.


My eyes look huge! I honestly couldn’t stop looking at them, and I really didn’t want to take them off. These are definitely my favorite!


How much prettier can they get?


Diamonds $12.00: Natural lashes with a touch of glam. Who doesn’t like diamonds?


I thought I would do my eyes more funky since the lashes are.


I am aware that you can’t see these very well, even when I didn’t have shadow on they were hard to see. I was shocked by that, I thought these would be very noticeable, but they ended up being even more natural than the Audrey lashes. If I were to do this again, I would layer the Audrey and the diamond lashes for sure.

P.s- please excuse the dark circles under my eyes- they are there for good reasons!


Overall Thoughts and Opinions

I have been kind of nerdy with these lashes, and have really not wanted to take them out of the packaging due to their beautiful crafting. My favorite of the three is the Sasha, and if you had a pair, you would understand why. However, the other two are far more natural and would be more practical for a daytime look. As far as the cost goes, yes, they are way more pricey than your Ardelle lashes, but rightfully so I believe. If you were to put the two side by side you could see the difference immediately, they really don’t compare. As someone who does Bridal makeup, anytime you can step up your kit and provide your brides with something that is more unique and luxurious the better. They will see the difference and I believe it put’s you into a different category as an artist. As a consumer- they are easy to apply, they don’t bend or get destroyed while taking them out of the packaging like some other lashes, plus they are durable and would be fine to use over and over. I think I can say with confidence, this was an easy review, I knew they were going to be something special when they impressed by that cute little black box in pretty packaging. Yes please.




I am currently working on a tutorial for these lashes, so stay tuned!


*note-I was given these lashes by Faux Lashes for reviewing purposes. I did not get payed for this review, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.


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