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January’s Look Bag was pretty much awesome, but this February Oscar themed Look Bag has surpassed my wildest dreams for a $10.00 a month beauty sample subscription box. No I am not being dramatic, although I can guarantee the husband would think otherwise.  I also want to give The Look Bag some major props because I had one reader have an issue with her order and they sent her a FULL SIZE item as an apology! They have amazing customer service which is rare and very impressive. With that said, take a peak at what I got this month, you are going to flip out!


What Is This? 

-Every month, TheLookBag will deliver 4 different luxury beauty samples to your door.

-Recieve products picked by Damone Roberts

– Members will enjoy 20% of all purchases from

-$10.00 per month, no contract, shipping included.


Is anyone else completely enamered at how packed out this box is?  I really don’t even think that these should be considered samples, but hey, I’m not complaining.

What It Is: This Gel Liner has a built in brush that is very flexible and easy to use with the gel liner. This liner has amazing staying power and lasts up to 24 hours. 

My Thoughts: Boys have their Transformer cars and movies…I have the Cailyn Gel Eyeliner (Black) that might possibly be the female version of the popular toy/story line. At first sight it just looks like  normal liquid liner, but make a couple twists, and it magically becomes a brush and a pot of gel eyeliner.  This Gel Eyeliner glides on smoothly, is easy to use, mess free and retails for $21.00 which makes it a killer deal that it was in this $10.00 bag! 

Price: $21.00

Rating: I can’t live without you (5 points)

What It Is: This finely milled Cailyn Diamond glitter in 10 silver can be used as an eyeshadow (on top of a primer), or on the body for a bit of shimmer, it is SUPER sparkly and is kind of messy so you need to be careful when you open it up.  The Raw Natural Shimmer Powder in Honey is beautiful and would go with any skin color in my opinion.

My Thoughts: If you are a glitzy and glam kind of girl that loves sparkle…this is just for you! I definitaly felt that having these two sparkley eye options gives you the sense that this was an Oscar inspired box. With all of that said, I like pressed shadows better than loose, and the glitter I personally won’t use, but I will use it on a photo-shoot or something.

Price: $13.00

Rating: I think I like you (4 points)

What It Is: “This Highlighter offers a soft platinum shimmer to accentuate your brow bone. Bling Bling is perfect for a special evening out, or just to enhance your stunning brows. You may also use your Bling Bling Highlighter as an eyeshadow, soft eyeliner and/or to enhance your lip gloss.”

My Thoughts: If you want your brows to look that much better, the soft platinum shimmer of the Damone Roberts Brown highlighter/Bling Bling (Platinum) will make you and your pretty arches happy campers. Just glide this FULL SIZE (yes, I know) pencil under your brow and  your eyes will be a hit. I do think you will have your find a special pencil sharpener for this because it’s sort of thick in size. I like it.

Price: $20.00

Rating: I can’t live without you (5 points)

What It Is: A genius shadow shield that allows you to apply shadow and not worry about a mess all over your beautiful face.

My Thoughts: It happens to the best of us…fall out from out shadows…especially lose.  Yes, I know how to get rid of the fall out without having shields, but this just makes my job that much easier.  This is a must have for me in my makeup kit to save me time, and I am guessing would make your makeup application appear a but more prefessional.

Price: $9.99 (30 count)

Rating: I can’t live without you (5 points)

What It Is:Lip Luscious Treatment is a positively modern take on the classic lip gloss. This intensely moisturizing treatment formula nourishes lips with unique ingredients while giving off the beautiful iridescent sheen. Liquid crystals offer antibacterial properties while purifying the skin and fortifying the cell surface. A combination of botanical essences and vitamins offer superior conditioning. This coveted item can be worn alone as a gloss or over lip color to change the original color’s shade.

My Thoughts: First off, I was indifferent to the color, it wasn’t my favorite, but I could layer it over something else that I like. I also didn’t feel like it stayed on my lips long at all and I didn’t find it all that moisturizing. I also would not EVER pay $36.00 for this…that’s $1.00 more than my favorite Chanel Lipstick! No, no, no.

Price: $36.00 (heck no)

Rating: It’s not you it’s me (2 points)

What It Is:Mask+Microdermabrasion+Cleanser= one amazing product from Shea Terra called Rose Hips Black Soap Deep Pore Facial Cleanser and Mask.

My Thoughts: This product is treated just like a mask, you apply it and wait about 5-10 minutes (you will resemble a green monster from the swamp) and then you just rinse it off to find refreshed and glowing skin…seriously. It does have an odd smell to it that I can’t really describe but it’s not bad. I actually liked this a lot and it’s really not that expensive for what you get.

Price: $18.00

Rating: I think I like you (4 points)

Overall Thought’s, Opinion’s, Rating

7 amazing samples and 2 that are full size, this is the best sample box I have ever recieved! Even the things that I didn’t love weren’t bad, it was just a prefrence thing. I also am happy to see cosmetics in this months The Look Bag, it just made it that much better for me.

Overall Rating: I can’t live without you (5 points)

Note* These products were given to me for review. all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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