Review: GlamGlow Supermud and Youthmud Masks

Today I am reviewing the GlamGlow Supermud and Youthmud Masks that have been rocking my world as of late.  It has become enough of an obsession that my husband doesn’t do a double take anymore when I walk around with my skincare mask on, and in fact he asks for some himself. He is becoming a skincare lover and I am banking on him looking young forever! One can wish.  Let’s review these Glamglow skincare masks, shall we?

Best review of the GlamGlow and Supermud mask for skincare.

Review of the GlamGlow Supermud Skincare Mask

GlamGlow, the mask for glowing skin, was created for behind-the-scenes of the music, fashion, and entertainment world. Since this was a celebrity must-have skincare product, it quickly gained popularity as one of the best skincare masks, and they couldn’t keep it under wraps.

Well, honestly (and thankfully), who would keep a product quiet if everyone that used it, loved it?! No brainer. So they went into the retail world in 2011, and that’s when I found them beautifully displayed at a local salon. Everyone in there was raving about this skincare product, so I, of course, had to take home a sample. Well, that little sample was pretty impressive because as you will see below, it took all the blackheads out of my nose and chin. So, it’s not a shocker that it’s currently found at my favorite beauty store, Nordstrom, where you can get anything and everything shipped and returned for FREE!


About the GlamGlow Supermud Skincare Mask

Best review of the GlamGlow and Youthmud mask for skincare.

My first experience using the Glamglow Youthmud was what got me hooked to the Glamglow masks. This particular mask is pretty chunky looking in the bottle, but don’t be alarmed; it has real tea leafs that are inside.

Best review of the GlamGlow and Youthmud mask for skincare.

If you want a really good exfoliation, then the Glamglow Supermud Mask is for you. This is perfect for not only the person struggling with acne but also for the person that wants some anti-aging benefits as well.

Testing the GlamGlow Supermud Skincare Mask
Best review of the GlamGlow Supermud and Youthmud mask for skincare.


Since I have both of the Glamglow Supermud and Youthmud masks, I like to do a little combo. My T-zone is a blackhead magnet (especially my chin and nose), so I used the Supermud mask there knowing that it will draw out all of those impurities. For the rest of my face, I used the Youthmud since it has all of those amazing anti-aging benefits. I specifically made sure to apply it around my “crows feet” area and forehead. I am 32 now guys; I got to make sure I am staying on top of it.


Experiencing the GlamGlow Supermud Skincare Mask

When you apply both of these Glamglow masks, leave them on for about 10 minutes, or until that mask is completely dry. If your face starts to tingle, don’t worry, this is NORMAL! In fact, anytime you see an AHA or BHA on the label (both acids safe for the face), just expect to feel a little somethin-somethin and don’t freak out thinking you are having an allergic reaction. In most cases, you aren’t. However, if it feels like it is burning, take it off! (My face can get red easily, but it never turned more than a pinkish-hue post-masking.)

My favorite thing about using Glamglow Masks is how smooth and soft they make my skin. Since it pretty much vacuums up all of my perpetual blackheads, I can see a difference right away with the look of my skin. Plus, I am left with a pretty after-glow that makes me feel like my face could go without makeup, and that my friends is a skincare bonus.


Thoughts and Opinions on the GlamGlow Supermud Skincare Mask

They say Glamglow Masks are a “facial in a bottle” and I would have to 1,000% agree on that one. Clearly you aren’t getting the decollate massage and steam streaming over your face, but you will get the results. For a mask, it is on the steeper end of the price range, but for the results you get, it makes sense.

Make sure you check out the Glamglow Supermud and Youthmud Masks!

Have a lovely day everyone!


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