Review: Koh Gen Do Primer, Foundation, and Powder


Last year I took a “brush up” makeup class from Kerry Herta who is a well known Emmy nominated celeb makeup artist in LA.  I learned so much from her, but even more than technique, I learned about some seriously cool product that I can’t live without now. I realize that sounds kind of dramatic…but really, it’s just the truth. Plus, I really I am kind of dramatic in a not so expressive, kind of sarcastic and witty way.

Moving on, I am so excited to show off to you today a few of the Koh Gen Do Cosmetics that will always be found in my makeup kit now.


What Is It: Maifanshi Makeup Color Base in Green, Yellow, Peal White and Lavender Pink (which I have yet to try but really can’t wait to) are “pre foundation” corrective products.

Maifanshi Color Base in Green: “Hides blemishes. Tones down redness. Gives skin vibrancy. Minimizes pores. Smooths the appearance of skin. UV Protection. Reduces shine with oil-absorbing powder.”-KGD ($48.00)

Maifanshi Color Base in Yellow: “Tones down diffuse redness. Brightens and controls uneven skin tones. Hides blemishes. Minimizes pores and smooths the appearance of the skin. Reduces shine with oil-absorbing powders. Provides UV protection.” -KGD ($48.00)

Maifanshi Pearl White Base: “This base cream contains micronized pearl powders for an optical smoothing and brightening effect of the skin. It illuminates dull skin while its protective formula guards against harmful UV rays. The yellow-gold tint minimizes pores while the silver-pearl hue reflects light, adding superior-quality luster.” -KGD ($50.00)

My Thoughts: There are “corrective” products, and then there are magical corrective products. Let me honest, we all need a little “magic” from time to time when it comes to our not so even skin tones and thats why I will always have these corrective products on hand. They work well under a High Def camera because they give you the correction without looking caky and sloppy. Those are two words you never want attached to your skin.

Rating: I can’t live without out (5 points)
What It Is: In these pictures I am showing off to you two shades, OC-1 and OC-2 of the Aqua Foundation’s. These foundations are ” made with the deep sea waters of Rausu, Japan. It balances the conditions of ions on the skin surface with rich minerals and nutrients.These minerals are close in composition of the human body which makes it easier to absorb and moisturize efficiently.” -KGD ($62.00)
My Thoughts: First off, if you go check out the website that has more information on the Aqua Foundation you will be glad you did! I am a nerd for the science behind product, so I appreciate that there are diagrams showing why the Aqua Foundation works so well. My personal experience with this is that it blends effortlessly into the skin and looks gorgeous. People will be questioning how your skin looks so amazing and flawless without makeup on. That’s how good it is.
As far as price goes, yeah it is not your M.A.C pricing, but that’s because it looks better than M.A.C…hands down.
Rating: I can’t live without you. (5 points)



moisture foundations 001, 002, and 003

What It Is: Maifanshi Moisture Foundation is a “Mineral makeup cream foundation that turns into liquid foundation when applied with 60% water encapsulated into the formula to give you the superior coverage of a cream foundation and a smooth, sheer finish like a liquid foundation.  With the advanced technology in Japan and taking 3 times the amount of time normally taken to make a foundation, we have created a foundation that fits perfectly on the skin creating a pore less, smooth impression, yet gentle to the skin.” -KGD ($62.00)


My Thoughts: I have used this on Brides, Film, Television, and runway. Each time I am amazed at how easy this product is to use and how much of a difference it makes in giving the skin it’s luster while still providing great coverage. There are 12 shades so far in the Moisture Foundation collection, but the three most popular shades are the 001, 002, and 003. You can always mix shades together which is what I do when using these products on clients.


What It Is: The Koh Gen Do Natural Lighting Powder is a, “micro-fine powder, mixed with the pearly pigments that reflect red and green lights creating a subtle white veil of light that adds a natural translucency while diminishing the shadows of pores and fine lines. The soft, refined pearls diffuse light to cover pores and balance skin surfaces for a natural, luminescent glow.  This micro-fine powder can be worn by itself for a nice soft glow or as a finishing powder to set your foundation. Contains natural moisture-retaining hyaluronic acid, making it an ideal powder for those with dry skin.” -KGD ($42.00)

My Thoughts: While I am not a huge fan of powder, I am of this one because I know I can put it on a client (or myself) and be confident that my skin won’t look dull, lifeless, and appear as if I have a pound of makeup on. I also appreciate the fact that is has the hyaluronic acid in it because it is rare to find a powder that even someone with dry skin can get away with! It also has this lovely pearl-ish appearance to it which is flattering on the skin under camera or for every day use.

Rating: I can’t live without you (5 points)





What It Is: The Koh Gen Do Maifanshi Powder is a, “finely milled loose face powder made with a unique silk powder formula, sets the foundation and protects the skin’s natural luminescence with gentle, ultra-fine elements that quickly blend with the skin. Contains natural moisture-retaining hyaluronic acid, making it an ideal powder for those with dry skin.” -KGD ($42.00)

My Thoughts: When you think of a face powder you don’t exactly get that excited about it. At least I don’t anyways! But I use this Maifanshi powder a lot when I am on a set because it reduces shine without making the skin have the creepy, crapy look. Also, this too has the hyaluronic acid which means it’s good for any client. Love it!

Rating: I can’t live without you (5 points)



My hair needs a little help today, but my skin loves Koh Gen Do and does not! I am such a fan. My “I am such a fan” face expression is below.


okay, well maybe this expression is a tad bit creepy and I should never, ever make this face again. Lessoned learned.


Overall Thoughts and Ratings

I think it’s easy to see that me and Koh Gen Do are besties. I don’t know if Koh Gen Do feels the same way about me…this could be an awkward one sided relationship. I am cool with it though.

But in all seriousness, you should give this stuff a try because you will fall in love with it like I have. I have also tried the Maifanshi lipstick that offer loads of moisture and absolutely adore the Spa Water. These products are quality and a must have!

Overall Rating: I can’t live without you (5 points)

xoxo- Kendra Stanton, Your Witty Beauty Guide and Portland, OR Makeup Artist










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  • Thank you for the reviews! Ohhh I really like to try both the aqua and moisture foundation! I’m a nc20 (on the cooler side, my skin is a mix of warm and cool tones). Do you have a suggestion/idea of which colours could fit me? Or maybe if I bought 2 colours of each foundation which colours I should choose? I can only buy the products over the Internet. Have a nice weekend;-)

    Best from Diana

  • Thinking about ordering the yellow color base primer on the sephora site, however, It’s $50 in canada and I am ethiopian with a golden brown color with yellow undertones. Is this primer for all skin tones? Haven’t been able to figure this out. I went to sephora and they dont carry that line in any of the stores in Canada. Thanks so much.

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