Review-Loreal Voluminous Mascara in Carbon Black

Loreal Voluminous Mascara, a thickening and lengthening mascara, has been a part of my life since High School. So, a good ten years!  I always seem to run to this mascara as a staple, or when I am in a crunch. So when the Carbon Black version came out, I absolutely had to rush to Target to go grab a few.

Since doing these mascara reviews, my opinions of my usual favorites are suddenly being called into question, it is starting to scare me a bit. Loreal, do you make the cut? Let’s find out.

The Brush

I don’t have any complaints about the brush, I think it has bristles that are nice and packed, giving your lashes a beautiful and full look. My only fault with this is that it pulls out the mascara in clumps.  I end up having to spend a good amount of time wiping off the brush before applying it, very annoying.

Lash Photos

Are you sick of seeing this photo yet?



As you can see, the color of this mascara is a very deep and rich black.  It did a great job of thickening and lengthening but not without clumps to go with. I think you can even see a few clump “balls” on my lashes!


Look close, there are several of my lashes sticking together in a nice clump. It is not terrible, but since I am being picky, I thought I would point it out. It’s nothing that you can’t comb out with a brush, but I have tried to do that, and it ends up coming off.


This definitely is not an all day mascara. It started falling off in speckles on my cheeks after about 4 hours. So you will need to perhaps carry it with you in your purse and make sure to re-apply.


Cost and Value

For around $8.00, it’s not too bad! I do think it gives you great length and volume, you just have to be aware that you will need to re-apply. I just hate saying bad thing’s about this mascara because it has been a nice mascara friend. But now I might have to skip it all together. Sad.


Your Thought’s!

Have you tried this mascara? Share your thought’s and give us your review.


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