Review-Loreal Voluminous Million Dollar Lash

Loreal Voluminous Million Dollar Lash

We all want lashes that look as if we payed a lot for them! Fortunately for us, we now can pay a little to get a lot. This reminds me a lot of the MAC False Lash Mascara as it is a lengthening and volumizing mascara. I didn’t however think it added as much volume as I was anticipating, the marketing for beauty products are so exaggerated. Check out the photos below.

The Package

I can appreciate the packaging on this mascara. It doesn’t look cheap at all. I think it actually looks like something you might buy from the department store.

The Brush


I really like the brush, it did a fantastic job of separating my lashes and leaving me with no clumps. Gotta love that!


Lash Photos


Pretty, but still want more for sure.


Much Better! I think the length is good, volume could be a bit better.


5 Hours Later

I think that this did a great job of not smudging and flaking. But clearly you can see that it did not hold my curl and my lashes look a bit flat.


Cost and Value

For 8.99, I think that this is a killer product! It did better than a lot of department store brands.



Really impressed and I would definitely purchase this again! I would just need to bring an eyelash curler along for the ride.

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