Review: NovaWhite Teeth Whitening System

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Lately it’s been loads of coffee to start my day and function, and then a glass of red to unwind and relax. While both of those drinks are two of my favs, they leave my teeth looking a little (or a lot) gross. Like funky, yellow, and gross. So I was doing the happy dance when I got asked to review the NovaWhite Teeth Whitening system because my teeth needed a serious refresher.

Before I start this review, let me be a tad vulnerable with you and spill one of the things about me that I am a little insecure of. That would be my teeth. If you haven’t noticed, in about 95% of the pics I take, I do it without smiling and it annoys my husband to no end. But here is the deal, I had braces at 18 (worst age ever), my teeth looked awesome, and then my dog ate my retainer and I for some ridiculous reason chose to not replace it. THEN–when I had my two girls, my teeth started shifting like crazy and I started grinding my teeth, which made the shifting worse. Awesome. So that’s my story. Thanks for listening to me whine about it. Maybe someone who is reading this can relate a little.




I was also sent the NovaWhite Teeth Whitening pen which is super convenient. Anything I can toss in my purse for on-the-go will fit perfectly into my lifestyle.






What I love about this is that I can do it at home and not in a dentists office. I don’t have 45-1 hour to sit in a chair while my teeth have a cosmetic treatment. So, once I got the tray fitted to my teeth (start to finish including water boiling time, 5 min.), I added the gel in the tray, then put the tray on my teeth, and was on my merry way doing the other 5 million things I had to get done.

I would say the only awkward part was at about the 15 min. mark when the gel started foaming a bit. So I did what was natural–a little spit action–and kept on whitening. If you are worried about the foaming, it’s normal and has happened with every teeth whitener I have ever used.

What I loved about this product was that it didn’t make my teeth feel sensitive at all, and I used it for an entire hour, two days in a row. I also really liked the fact that it fit perfectly to my teeth and could get into all of those small spaces that often times get missed.




While I liked my results, I definitely had to do my whitening twice to get my teeth to the whiteness I like. Another (way more expensive) system I have used,  I was able to do it in one shot. With that said, this is a MUCH  better result than using something from a drugstore, and it costs about the same. Check out the Go Kit, it’s great for someone who needs  a teeth whitening refresher!



I really like you (4 points)

Where-to-buy AND GUESS WHAT?! NovaWhite is offering my lovely readers 10% off on your purchase when you use the code citizensofbeauty at  checkout until October 31st 2013! 


XOXO Beauties!


*Note- These products were given to me by a PR agency for an honest review, all thoughts and opinions are that of my own.

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  • Is this product free from peroxide? I use peroxide
    free strips from Stella white and I think everyone should be cautious from
    using whitening kit that contain peroxide since it can hurt or damage
    your teeth.

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