Review: PIXI Nude Shade Wardrobe


Currently I am sitting on the couch snuggled next to a portable heater that I am addicted to (I am always cold) while writing this post and watching people workout on tv in the corner of my eye. I am feeling slightly inspired to work out as my much anticipated Hawaii trip is coming up, but eh…I will maybe work out tomorrow? Maybe not. Enough of my tangent, let’s get down to business…ANOTHER NUDE(ISH) PALETTE.  I bought the Nude Shade Wardrobe palette by PIXI a while back off of, it was in my price range and I liked the fact that it had so many colors to choose from. Honestly I have never tried anything from the brand Pixi and it is one of the higher price point makeup’s at Target, so curiosity caught the best of me. I had to give it a go.


Initial Thoughts: There are a lot of colors and it looks small enough to travel with.

Packaging: I am indifferent to the packaging, it feels pretty flimsy and cheap to me. It is a slide out makeup tray that could easily be pulled out too far and dropped. But that’s just me who has a fear of dropping things…maybe you are not as clumsy as me?

Package Rating: It’s not you it’s me. (2 points)


Colors Swatches

There are no names to these pigments to define which ones I am swatching. But I am showing you the pigments from left to right, top to bottom.

These soft shades are not bad, but they don’t show up much either on the skin.

 Sorry this one came out a bit dark, but all of these matte shades are very chalk like…yuck.


The opal and peach shade would be great for a natural look, but the matte shade is very powdery.

 These swatches are actually showing up on my skin…shocker, didn’t know shadows were suppose to do that.

Of these three I would wear the last soft shimmery pink shade.

While I think these shades are pretty, you can see that the last shade just isn’t wanting to be consistent in color. It’s not staying well at all. Although the middle, brick like color is beautiful.


Swatch Review:  I really disliked all of the matte shades, they were extremely flaky and barely showed up at all on my skin. Not impressed. I did like the shimmery shades, but I didn’t feel like they were amazing either. I am mentally comparing this to the Naked Palette2 and I am sorry to say, this just can’t compete even kind of.

Swatch Rating: It’s not you, it’s me. (2 points)


Overall Thoughts and Opinions

I think just reading the review, it is clear that I am not a huge fan of this palette which makes me sad as I did spend money on it. With that said, it was only $26.00 so nearly half of the Naked Palette price, however I would still buy the Naked Palette over this any day. Save your pennies for higher quality nude shadows in my opinion.

Overall Rating: It’s not you it’s me (2 points)

Note* This product was purchased buy me, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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