The Review: PUR Minerals Dirty Girl Mask and Wine Exfoliating Mask


My weekend was spent at The Makeup Show in Dallas with one of my insanely talented makeup artist friend, Amy Gillespie. We ate the town out of chips and salsa,  had girl talk until 3am with a good Merlot, and then drank coffee to stay awake the next day while perusing isles upon isles of cosmetics.  Needless to say, my dehydrated and broken out skin hated me, and I am so glad I had the Pur Minerals Dirty Girl Mask and Wine Exfoliating Mask to come home to. We desperately needed each-other.

If you aren’t familiar with Pur Minerals, they are a mineral based, cruelty-free makeup and skincare company that focuses on taking care of the overall health of the skin. While I can’t speak to the mineral foundation (as I have yet to try it out), I am excited to tell you about the Pur Minerals Dirty Girl Mask and Wine Exfoliating Mask.

Review of the Pur Minerals Dirty Girl Detoxifying Mudd Mask



Pur Minerals Dirty Girl Detoxifying Mudd Masque

This Detoxifying mud mask exfoliates and unclogs the pores while calming and refreshing the skin at the same time. It uses Pascalite, a Bentonite clay, to absorb impurities, leaving a radiant complexion.

Key Ingredients: 

Calcium Bentonite| unclogs pores and eliminates impurities

Cucumber Extract| soothes and calms the skin

Salicylic Acid| exfoliates and renews

Review of Pur Minerals Dirty Girl Detoxifying Maskque

My Experience: First off, I enjoyed the fresh Lavender and Rosemary oil scent of the Dirty Girl Mudd Masque and the creamy application. My chin is the zone of my face that likes to collect blackheads and occasional pimples, while the rest of my face tends to be pretty dehydrated. So I chose to use the Pur Minerals Dirty Girl mask only on my chin where it desperately needed the Bentonite and the Salicylic. I left this skincare mask on my chin for abut 10 minutes, giving it a chance to dry and really loosen the clogged pores. I could feel the Salicylic a tiny bit, but it wasn’t irritating at all, and honestly, if I didn’t feel it, I would be a bit disappointed. After I took the Pur Minerals Dirty Girl Mudd Masque off with warm water, my skin was a little pink, but my pores looked super tight.

Who should buy this: If you are someone who has clogged pores, occasional acne, and oily skin, this is for you. If you have combo skin like me, I would only use this on the areas of the face that have clogging like I did. If you have dry skin, pay attention to the next product I am going to show you in this post.

Price Tag $29.00


Review of Pur Mienrals Wine Exfoliating Mask

Pur Minerals Wine Exfoliating Mask Review

Pur Minerals Wine Exfoliating Mask (Farm to Jar Antioxidant Exfoliator)

Pur Minerals Wine Exfoliating Mask buffs away rough skin with alpha hydroxy acid and natural peach stone, while red wine anti-oxidants help to fight the signs of premature aging. It’s also Paraben Free, and Gluten Free.

Key Ingredients:

Lactic Acid| for gently exfoliating the skin

Vitisin| an anti-oxidant from the roots of wine producing grapes that help to brighten the appearance of dark spots.

Resveratrox| a smoothing and firming anti-oxidant

Peach Stones (seeds)| natural exfoliating beads


Wine Exfoliating Mask from Pur Minerals review

My Experience: I have to say, I couldn’t wait to dive into the Pur Minerals Wine Exfoliating Mask as I have never tried anything like it before. I think using a mask that incorporates the benefits of red wine is a brilliant idea, plus, as a fan of wine, I found this wine mask to be really intriguing.

Applying this mask was easy, I wetted my face with water, then massaged a quarter size amount on my entire face for about one minute, with slight pressure. I could feel seeds working in conjunction with the lactic acid, giving my skin a really good exfoliation. It felt a little tingly, letting me know that the lactic acid was doing it’s job.

After I was done massaging my skin, I rinsed it with warm water, and patted it dry with a clean towel. What I loved about the Pur Minerals Wine Exfoliating Mask was the soft and glowing skin it gave me post exfoliation. It also left my skin feeling really hydrated, and not stripped in the least. I have been using is twice a week, per their instructions, and am definitely going to re-purchase once it’s gone.

Who should buy this: Really, anyone could use this exfoliating skincare mask. If you have sensitive skin, lactic acid is one of the most gentle ways to still enjoy the benefits of exfoliation. For acne prone skin, again, the lactic acid would be amazing for getting into the pores and exfoliating inside of them. If you have more mature skin, the anti-aging benefits combined with the exfoliating ingredients will slough away dead skin cell build up.

Price Tag: $29.00


If you are on the hunt for a few skincare masks that works, I would give the Pur Minerals Dirty Girl mask and Wine Exfoliating mask a try!

xo, Kendra

note* These products were given to me for an honest review, all thoughts and opinions are that of my own.











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