Review: Rimmel Glam Eyes Lash Flirt Mascara

As I was doing my weekly wondering of the Walgreen’s clearance isles, I came upon the Rimmel Glam Eyes Lash Flirt Mascara for only $1.98, so of course I had to get it since it is regularly around $9.00. I love when I am able to get makeup at a steal of a price! So let’s check this one out and see if it would be worth the regular pricing.


The Tube

This mascara is a volumizing and lifting mascara…sounds like what I need for *ehem* some other areas of my body! If only that came in a tube and not on a surgery table. Moving on, I think this bottle is cute and different from your average drugstore mascara tube as it almost has a vintage look to it, don’t you think?


The Close Up


The Color

It is the color it say’s it is…a nice, deep and rich black.


The Wand

When I opened up the mascara to see this wand I was a tiny  bit perplexed. How was this rubber wand with short rubber bristles going to add volume to my my poor, pathetic lashes? Well my friends, I was happily surprised.


The Before Mascara Photo


The First Layer

Because I have very anemic lashes, it’s not that difficult to see results with one layer.


The Second Layer

I did see volume, not as much as I had hoped, but beggar’s can’t be choosers I guess. This is not a lengthening mascara, so perhaps in the future I will pare this with that so I get length and volume.


The All Day Story

I had a full day of events about to happen after I put on this mascara. Playing at the park with my daughter (in the sun), going to a Zumba class, and a late night hang out with some friends in Portland. If me and this mascara were going to have a fall out, it was going to be on this day! But we didn’t, we got along perfectly. There was zero flaking, no smudging (even after some serious sweating), and they looked amazing at the end of the day. No touch up’s needed. I love when this happens.


The Pros

No flaking, smudging, clumping, re-touching, or the crunchy lash feeling! I am loving the fact that this mascara is not expensive and It still had good results.

The Con’s

Although this is not waterproof, I did have a bit of a harder time getting it off, so you will need your mascara remover for sure! It could have added more volume, but usually when a mascara has a lot of volume, it can tend to look clumpy. Maybe this was the right balance.

The Afterthoughts

It’s like being on a date with a super “nice” person and you feel bad because you know it’s going to go no-where. You want to like them, but you just can’t. While I liked the product, and thought it did a “good” job, it didn’t “wow” me or make me think I couldn’t live without it. It didn’t leave a bad taste in my mouth, it just didn’t make me want to beg for more. But for $1.98, you can’t really beat the price.


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