Review: TheLookBag Luxury Beauty Samples


I have something fun to show off to you all today!  I want to introduce to you one very awesome beauty sampling company, TheLookBag. This could possibly be your next beauty sample obsession and here’s why. First off, it was created by Damone Roberts, who is the “celebrity beauty therapist and eyebrow king,” that is pretty fantastic….and I have to say his eyebrows are pretty fantastic as well. Here are the details.

-Every month, TheLookBag will deliver 4 different luxury beauty samples to your door.

-Recieve products picked by Damone Roberts.

– Members will enjoy 20% of all purchases from

-$10.00 per month, no contract, shipping included.


This is what showed up in my mailbox. I like the sticker, super cute.


Here is what I pull out of the box, a bag wrapped brown tissue.


This is what was underneath the brown wrapping…and I kind of wish it was wrapped in a cute box I could re-use. Oh wait, I have 5 OTHER boxes from another sampling company that I still have yet to re-use. I guess it’s better to have a bag that I know doesn’t take any altering to re-use.


Initial thoughts, “these are huge samples.”


This card was also in the box, and it explains what TheLookBag is and what is inside your sample box.



Products In TheLookBag

What it is: “Cailyn Water Drops Cream is a super moisture cream of visible water drops effect with W.S.N. Technology. Cailyn Water Drops Cream has a structure to absorb effectively natural nutritive ingredients and supplies moisture into skin without the reaction.”

My Thoughts: I think this is interesting, I used it and it did moisturize my skin well without a reaction. It didn’t have much of a smell which is good for me. Basically this product binds natural moisture to your skin while adding a bit more. If you are dry, this would be a great option for you.

Price: $45.00 Member: $36.00

Rating: I think I really like you (4 points)

What it is: “Cherry Jack’s Body Creme is a smooth creamy blend of Organic Butters, Oils and Fruit Extracts. The vitamin enriched Organic Ingredients sink deep into your skin to smooth and hydrate. Each Creme is delightfully creamy with different natural combinations of Essential Oils and Fragrances.”

My Thoughts: I am just going to say that every single person needs this creme. When I opened it up, it was like smelling heaven. I don’t however recommend licking it to see if it tastes the same as it smells. Tried that, didn’t work out for me. I am in love with this product!

Price: $45.00 Member: $36.00 (perfect valentines gift)

Rating: I can’t live without you. (5 points)

What it is: “The Kim Vo Brilliant Luster is a hair treatment that should be used idealy once per week.  It helps to repair, preserve color, hydrate, strengthen and invigorate the scalp.”

My Thoughts: The size of this sample is gigantic, it shouldn’t even be considered a sample! But I am glad for my sake that it is. I used it twice, it left my hair feeling soft, silky and shiny. I thought it was actually pretty cool and an interesting process, so to find out how to use this product, go HERE.

Price: $24.00 (not bad)

Rating: I think I really like you (4 points)

What it is:  The Suki Skinbar is a super gentle, moisturizing, french milled, long-lasting face / body cleanser. It is sensitive enough for everyone and has
citric acid (organic lemongrass), sesquiterpenoids (ginger root) & fatty acids (organic fair trade shea butter). It helps to softens & hydrate deeply while cleansing, removing makeup & dirt. It also ph balances the skin to be non-drying.”

My Thoughts: Well here is the deal, I am just not a bar soap girl. I like bars of soap for my body sometimes, but definitely not on my face. With that said, it doesn’t make this a bad product, it did smell good and felt great on my skin, it’s just not my style.

Price: $4.95 Member: $3.96 (for the size I received.)

Rating: It’s not you, it’s me (2 points)

What it is:  “This is the Vitality Rose & Cucumber eye cream by Kelly Teegarden Organic.  It is a KTO proprietary blend of the most powerful ingredients known in the world to increase micro circulation around the eye have all been used to achieve the results; Licorice Extract, Gotu Kola, Shitake Extract, Butcher’s Broom, Oleosomes, Oxido Reductases, Cucumber Fruit Extract, Dog Rose Hips, Essential Oils and Multi-Fruit Extracts to the rescue! In addition, the combination of rosemary, horse chestnut and calendula extract powerfully work together, reducing dark circles and puffiness.”

My Thoughts: Once again, this is a rather large sample, especially since most companies sell eye creams that are almost this large. I used a rice size amount for each under eye, and really felt like I could see some difference with puffiness. I love that it is Organic and really think the ingredients in this eye cream are great.

Price: $30.00 Member: $24.00

Rating: I think I really like you (4 points)

What it is: “The ONE is an all in one skincare that is a soothing solution, built upon the antioxidant rich properties of 100% organic olive oil polyphenols and restorative vitamin E. With an all-natural, calming lavender scent that doesn’t linger, O.N.E. is suitable for all skin types. Paraben-free and USDA certified organic. It’s time to rejuvenate the natural way.”

My Thoughts: It’s olive oil!? Can’t I just go pick this up at Whole Foods or something? Well, it isn’t just olive oil, it does have vitamin E and and a few other thing’s in it. But, honestly I personally wouldn’t just go purchase a full size of this. I am however grateful to have a sample of something I can use as a massage oil and that it was an extra little freebie in my bag.

Price: $29.99

Rating:  It’s not you, it’s me (2 points)

Overall Thoughts, Opinions, and Rating

For $10.00 per month, free shipping, no contract a 5 beauty samples shipped to my door…this could be a hit! There always is the potential with any sample service that you will receive items that you are not thrilled about. However, at least your not paying full price and you can discover items you never would have…like the yummy creme I am obsessed with and can’t live with out now. I am a little bummed there was no makeup in this bag, that it was just skin and hair…so I would like to see at least one makeup item per bag.

Rating: I think I really like you (4 points)

NOTE* TheLookBag was given to me for the purpose of review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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