Review // Tom Ford Honeymoon Eyeshadow Quad

I have have been playing with the Tom Ford Honeymoon Eyeshadow Quad for a few weeks now for review. Well, truthfully, I purchased it for a client for a beauty coaching session and couldn’t bring myself to return it, so, it’s now mine. Here’s the deal, I have owned loads of eyeshadows¬†and tested even more for review, but this highly pigmented eyeshadow Quad might win for pigment and bendability. If you are a true makeup enthusiast, just cave already. You are going to want to add this to your makeup collection after this review.


Review First Impressions Tom For Eyeshadow Quad in Honeymoon

Well first off, Tom Ford. We could just leave it at that, but I won’t. Sometimes with brand name’s you are paying extra for the name. This is certainly NOT case for this creamy eyeshadow quad. Sure, initially it was the color that pulled me in like a moth to a flame. But it was how the colors blended to perfection on my eyelids that made me realize that a serious Tom Ford Eyeshadow addiction was in the works and that now I need every-single-color.

Review of Tom Ford Eyeshadow Quad Pigment and Swatches

Get this gorgeous Tom Ford Eyeshadow Quad for holiday! It's is abslolutely stunning!


Check out the swatches of this Tom Ford Eyeshadow Quad in Honeymoon! It's absolutely breath taking.

Buttery eyeshadow pigment is a makeup artist dream. It’s what we look for when we purchase products. Frankly, it’s hard to find a buttery and creamy eyeshadow that doesn’t crumble into pieces with one swipe of an eyeshadow brush. But this one, this one is far from normal. Do you see these gorgeous colors? There is raspberry, deep purple, muted gold, and a creamy shell shade. All of them work together to create the perfect day or nighttime makeup look.

Check out these swatches! I barely touched them and the pigment came right off. Plus, I wore it without a eyeshadow primer and it stayed just as well as when I did wear it with an eyeshadow primer. Score!


Is the Tom Ford Eyeshadow Quad Worth the Price?

I love how vivid the Tom Ford Eyeshadow Quad in Honeymoon is. It's absolutely stunning!

Wondering if indulging in a Tom Ford eyeshadow quad is worth the $82 price tag is usually the next question. You know by now that I love a deal. I mean, who doesn’t? But the deal in this eyeshadow quad is that it’s extremely high quality and it will last a while. Plus, there are other eyeshadow quads from Tom Ford that might be more your style. It’s the formulation that is hooking me to this makeup more than the color. Although, let’s be real, this color is ridiculously gorgeous.

Overall Thoughts, Opinion, and Review of the Tom Ford Eyeshadow Quad

For holiday I am planning on wearing this Tom Ford Eyeshadow Quad in Honeymoon for day.sI have already been creating makeup looks with it. How gorgeous!

My overall review of this Tom Ford Eyeshadow Quad is an emphatic “YES”! If I had a star rating system it would get 5 for pigment, color, bendability, and durability. So yeah, if you wanting to know if you should get this palette, yup, yup you should. Like right now. Just stop reading this and click below to find the picture to purchase. Just kidding. Kind of.

Actually, I am totally not joking at all.

Where to Buy the Tom Ford Eyeshadow Quad

You can get this gorgeous eyeshadow quad from Nordstrom and Sephora. Free shipping though at Nordstrom…so, this just makes sense.


Have a great day!


Austin, TX Makeup Artist

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