REVIEW: YSL Fall 2011 Collection

If I close my eyes for just a moment, I can imagine myself dancing along a moonlit cobble stone path with the scent of tropical flowers enticing my senses. My eyes open and reality sets in, I am far away from anything remotely tropical. YSL Fall 2011 collection resembles that of a “midnight garden with sophisticated shades of purples and greens,” beckoning me to take a closer look and dream. Perhaps this fall, instead of 10 months of rain and clouds, I could close my eyes and be somewhere enchanting and magical.


Blush Radiance


It is rare to see these golden, copper tones going into the fall season, but I can appreciate it. Just because it is fall does not mean we need to look lifeless and dull. This blush has a blend of matte and shimmery shades to ensure you will still have that youthful glow to your skin even far passed those summer months.



Rouge Volupté Perle


107 Impetuous Beige


108 Celestial Mauve


109 Brazen Plum


110 Incandescent Orange


111 Mysterious Red


112 Spellbinding Violet


Between the pale nude, rich orange, and violet purple lipsticks…YSL didn’t miss a beat with the trend-setting lip shades this fall. I am happy to say with confidence, you are very likely to find one that suits your style.



Ombres 5 Lumieres


Mix up the glam by playing with the deep purples and light to dark shades of greens in the Midnight Garden Palette. With 5 matte and shimmery shades to choose from, your options are limitless. While I love the shades that are presented, I can’t say that YSL’s shadows stay rich in color all day long. Make sure to prime your eyelids before applying.

11 Midnight Garden/ $56.00


Ombre Solo


18 Deep Night Purple


19 Velvet Green


Having a full palette of 5 beautiful colors is simply not enough for YSL, why not add in two additional shadows to this collection? Both the dark purple in the Midnight Garden palette and the Deep Night Purple are nearly identical, but the Velvet Green is one of a kind.

18/19/ $30.00


La Laque






If you haven’t already fallen into the bold nail polish trend, now is your chance! While I simply could never pay this amount for nail polish (ever!), I love how they truly do resemble the shades of a midnight sky. So if you are in the mood for blue nails- you know where to find them.



Overall Thoughts


I caught myself dreaming in purples and greens while writing this post. I love everything about this collection, from the versatility of colors, to the thoughts and creativity behind them. I was drawn in, captivated, and now now want spellbinding violet out of my head and onto my lips.


Cost and Value


Let’s be honest, not everyone can drop $34.00 for a lipstick and $45.00 on a blush. It is a high price tag but YSL has proven over and over again that they make far from mediocre products, even their casing is exquisite. If you add the quality of product with the quality of packaging, (and let’s not forget the name attached) you are paying for what you get.


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