9 Rules of Pre and Post Waxing

There are a few waxing guidelines you need to know about when getting waxed for the first time. Today I am going to tell you the do’s and don’ts rules of waxing for prepping and getting ready for your wax. Whether you are going in for a leg wax, brow or Brazilian waxing, you should know the things to do before and after your hair removal so you get the best results.

pre and post waxing guidlines and rules

As someone who has performed a ton of waxing jobs on clients, there are a few tips and tricks that I would suggest to get the best waxing possible. Maybe you want to know the rules of waxing so that you can wax yourself at home and prep well. I am going to share with you everything I share with all of my clients.

1. Don’t Be Awkward: If you are going in for a Brazilian or a chin wax and think this is the first time your waxer has ever seen such a hairy situation, they have not. They have been in all kinds of waxing scenarios and so you just need to chill out. Don’t apologize. Don’t try to hide things. Don’t pull the towel over your vagina to hide. Just relax so they can do their job and wax your hair away efficiently.

2. Wash Up Before Waxing: Please wash all areas you are wanting waxed (especially if it’s the nether regions). If your getting your face waxed, make sure you come in makeup free.

3. Avoid Big Events Before Waxing: Listen up, don’t ever, ever, ever get anything waxed on your face close to a big event like your wedding, prom or anything else that is similar. It would be terrible if you had a waxing complication and something terrible happened like skin tearing off or a botched brow waxing job. Please make sure to get all of your waxing jobs done 3-5 days before a significant event and especially do not wax on the day of an event ever.

3. Redness After Waxing: You typically get pretty red after a waxing. You can also you swollen, sore, and bumpy. So, if you are a bride especially, start waxing 2 months ahead of your wedding so that you know how your skin will react. Your first time is always the worst because the roots of your hair are so tight in your hair follicle. If you continue with your treatments, it get’s so much better I promise!

4. Go to a Waxing PRO: Listen up friend, don’t just trust anyone with your waxing jobs. Especially when it comes to your brows which literally frame your face. Make sure to go to a brow waxing professional who’s brows you also like. On average, brow waxing costs-$20.00-$30.00 or more depending on your area and their experience.

5. Stop Tweezing Before Your Waxing: Don’t over-tweeze your brows into Nike signs and then come in to get waxed. On most occasions, if your eyebrows are over-tweezed, it is impossible to shape them (duh). If it seems like you have tweezed your brows into a sad shape, grow them out for two months and then go into a waxing specialist.

6. Bruising after Waxing: Make sure to avoid IB-Profin, Wine, and anything else that is a blood thinner. Why? Because you will be at risk for bruising.

7. Retinols, Skincare and Waxing: Make sure to tell your esthetician who is doing your waxing everything that you are using on your skin. There are some skincare ingredients like retinol that will make your skin rip off if you wax while on it. Even if you are getting your brows waxed, the medicine can migrate down to your eyelids and cause you to tear skin. So never, never lie about using these ingredients unless you want to leave with a shiny patch of no skin where you were waxed. That is never pretty, and I have seen it happen first hand.

8. Those Post Waxing Bumps: If you end up with some bumps after a waxing treatment, use a teeny-size rice size amount of benzoyl peroxide to help kill bacteria and an antibacterial wash with salicylic in it to help with the “post wax bumps.” Clean and Clear has some cheap options that work. WARNING: Do Not over do the Benzoyl Peroxide or you will end up with a chemical burn. Just use a little bit and also Aloe Vera to soothe the skin as well.

9. Pre Wax Exfoliation: Make sure to use a Salicylic and a good loofa in between waxing’s to prevent those lovely post wax in-grown hairs. But please don’t go loofa sponge happy and then douse yourself with Salicylic, it will burn, and you won’t be happy. Rotate between the two. Use sterilized tweezers if you get an in-grown to get it out.

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