Serious Black Friday Beauty Tips

First off, Happy Thanksgiving and remember that calories DON’T count today.  Second off, who is going to be headed out for Black Friday? Yeah, I know there is Cyber Monday, but in order to keep with my family tradition of waking up at the butt-crack-of-dawn to be around cranky people, I must venture out and join the chaos.

Speaking of joining the Black Friday chaos, there is no better way to say “don’t mess with me”  than to look like you have it all together. Let me tell you how it’s done ladies.


1. Re-vamp You Eyes- You can’t look like you just woke up, so eye cream and mascara are necessary. You need to look like you are prepared to rip that last discounted sock out of your competitor’s hands at any given cost.

2. Cute Hat- In order to maintain a sort of mystery about yourself, (and to conceal that you are peeping into other people’s baskets to compare deals) a hat with some sort of brim is necessary. Oh, and of course it hides the fact that you didn’t actually brush your hair.

3. Smell Good– I mean, who has time to take to take a shower when you need to be the first in-line for door-busters? This is a sacrifice that you must make on such a serious day; but that doesn’t mean you need to smell nasty. Besides dousing yourself with deoderant, I would highly recommend some type of body spritzer or perfume. Your fellow shoppers will thank you.

What I’m using: I love the Lem-picka perfume. Obsessed.

4. Pretty Lips- Let me tell you, a smile can mean a lot of things on Black Friday. But most likely it will mean “get the heck out of my way or I will ram you with my cart and steal all of your deals”.  So it’s important to have a pretty shade of lipstick on while you are giving everyone that kind of smile. You will look 10% nicer that way, I promise.

 What I’m using:  Bite Beauty Lippies

5. Fabulous Nails: This is an important detail; it could potentially save you from someone swiping the very item you are in mid-reach for. How? If you have fab nails, the gorgeousness of them could actually distract a potential deal stealer. They will say, “hey I love your nails” and you will act like you actually care that they care by having a 5 second casual conversation. But…whilst chatting, you will be snatching that deal with your other hand. Genius.

What I ‘m using: NARS Tomorrows RED




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