Simple Scarecrow Makeup for Halloween

Today I’m showing you a simple scarecrow makeup for Halloween costume ideas! Halloween is almost here and if you are like me, you are scrambling for an easy halloween makeup idea. If you want to dress up for Halloween but don’t want to spend too much time and money on it, here is a step-by-step tutorial for getting a scarecrow makeup look in about 10 minutes. Just follow my simple scarecrow makeup tutorial for Halloween. It’s super fast, quick, and you most likely have everything you need already in your home. I love when that happens.

Just follow these simple makeup steps below to get your scarecrow makeup on.

Get this easy scarecrow makeup with a simple step-by-step guide with makeup artist and beauty blogger, Kendra Stanton

Usually we host a block party for Halloween, which means all the little kids from neighborhood will be over and dressed up too. So, I think Simple Scarecrow Makeup for Halloween is a good options. Plus, I am winning major cool point with my daughters…and I am totally rocking this look all day long with no shame. You can get away with crazy stuff of Halloween.

Want to become a scarecrow for Halloween? Here is what you need!

Easy Scarecrow Makeup for Halloween Checklist

make up for ever for character makeup for halloween

  1. Cream Makeup:  Some type of cream makeup like the Make Up For Ever Flash Palette (around $100). Here is a knock off flash palette perfect for the scarecrow makeup look on Amazon for under $18! If you don’t have that, Walgreens, Walmart, Target, and CVS all have Halloween cream makeup for rather inexpensive. You need Orange and black cream makeup.
  2. Black and Red Lipstick: Black lipsticks and red lipstick. I got the black one from Katy Perry Covergirl and the red lipstick is NYX or get the knockoff flash palette that has all the colors you need for this scarecrow makeup look for your easy halloween.
  3. Fake Lashes: Eyelashes if you want, but totally not necessary. I used the Ardell wispies for this look because they are fluffy and pretty.
  4. Skinny Eyeliner Brush: You will need a skinny eyeliner brush to work with the black cream makeup like the one in the flash palette. Or just use the knock off flash palette because everything is right there.  If you don’t happen to have the black cream makeup, or a skinny liner brush, just use a black eyeliner that is on the creamier side.

Scarecrow Makeup Tutorial and Easy Steps

Get this easy scarecrow makeup look for halloween with a simple step-by-step guide with makeup artist and beauty blogger, Kendra Stanton

Here is a full breakdown of this simple scarecrow makeup for Halloween. Just follow my makeup guide and tips and tricks to get this exact look in under ten minutes. It’s easy, cute–and not going to scare the crap out of your kids. Though, if you want to do that…check out this Halloween Makeup Look! Or, here is another cute makeup look for Halloween that also won’t scare the kids.

1) After your foundation is done, apply black lipstick to your entire lip. You can absolutely use the black from the Flash Palette Knockoff  I found on Amazon.

2) Then apply red lipstick just to the center of your lips (also in flash-palette knockoff).

3) Draw a curving line upwards from the corner of your mouth with either a black cream and a skinny liner brush, or a black liner pencil.

4) Next draw vertical lines down across the black line you just created and across your lips. This gives the scarecrow makeup a sort of stitched look.

5) Draw a triangle on your nose with the same black cream makeup you have been using, and then fill it in with an orange cream makeup.

6) For your eyes, you just need to draw 3 lines extending from the outer corners of your eyes. Then Draw a line about a quarter inch below your natural lash line Then just pat the white cream from the flash palette, set with a white eyeshadow. Next, contour with a black eyeshadow and then add your lashes.

Other Scarecrow Halloween Costume Essentials

Simple adult scarecrow halloween costume and makeup look to try. Find almost everything you need on Amazon.

To top your simple scarecrow makeup look off for Halloween, make sure to wear a plaid shirt and of course a hat. If you want to add some extra bling to your Halloween Costume, check out these gorgeous sterling silver and crystal skull earrings and necklace charm from Chamilia. I am totally rocking these today…they are too cute!

Womens plaid shirt for under $15 on Amazon (free shipping with Prime)

Tan Brimmed Hat that can be repurposed for fall outfits for under $15 on Amazon (free shipping with prime)

Brown Boots that can be worn anytime for fall/winter under $30 on Amazon (free shipping with prime)

Black Leggings that can also be worn anytime for fall/winter under $10 on Amazon  (free shipping)

Red High socks to be scrunched above boots for under $10 on Amazon (free shipping)

Wearable Straw is definitely an essential to pull off this easy adult scarecrow costume for halloween on Amazon under $8!


I hope you guys enjoyed this easy and simple scarecrow makeup for Halloween! As always, follow the steps above, but customize this creative halloween makeup look to suit you!

Love you guys and Happy Halloween!



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