Soft Volume Holiday Updo with Kelly Peach and Oribe Hair

Soft Volume Holiday Updo with Kelly Peach and Oribe Hair 


Photo By: Lavenda Memory

Who wants to learn how to get a super easy holiday updo??  I am going to show you how to do one easily at home using instructions from the incredibly awesome, Kelly Peach; an internationally known  hairstylist based in Portland, OR. Not only is she insanely talented (oh…just doing hair in the New York and Paris fashion shows), she could do her own stand up at a comedy club. This girl is hilarious! Kelly is going to be coming out with her own You Tube channel soon, so stay tuned for more fun hair ideas.

To find out more about the fab. Kelly, check out her website and blog here!

Let’s get started….

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Kelly’s Recommended Product’s For This Look:

1. Oribe Dry Texturizing Volume: If you have never tried the Oribe Dry Volume, you must! Kelly has been raving about this brand and I finally got to try it. Basically, this product is a dry shampoo that also gives you major volume. Let me tell you, they aren’t lying about the volume. Additionally,  I am slightly obsessed with the smell of it and kind of wish that they had a body line as well. It-smells-so-good.


2. Fine tooth comb (I used a teasing brush)

3. Smoothing brush

4. Hair Clips

5. Clear elastic hair bands

More Details On This Look:

1. First decide what side of the hair you are going to part. If you’re not sure which side the part should be on, part the hair near the arch of your eyebrow.
2. Separate out a 1-2 inch section of your front bang.
3. Next, take the hair behind that in a rectangle-mohawk section and spray Oribe Dry at the root. Then hold 1″ section of the hair at a 90 degrees and tease the section with the fine tooth comb. Start at the middle of the hair section with the fine tooth comb and push down to the root, do this over to build a teased look instead of roughing the hair up. Take 4-5 1″ sections (at the top mohawk of the head) and tease each of them with this technique.
4. Clip the teased hair put of the way.
5. Pull the sides of the hair pack into a low ponytail. Leaving out the top mohawk section you just teased.
6. Remove your clip holding the mohawk teased section up. Take the flat brush to smooth out some of the teased area.
7. Join this section of hair with the low ponytail you already made and make it a larger ponytail
8. Wrap the remaining hair around creating a low bun. Secure with bobby pins.
9. Feel free to add a vintage tie or headband to this look. Secure this under the bun.
I hope you guys enjoyed this! There is another hair look coming out on Friday, so stay tuned for another easy holiday hair idea with Kelly Peach and Oribe!
note* Kelly is a friend that I love, and I was given product from Oribe to include in this post. All thoughts and opinions are that of my own.

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