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It’s time to refresh your spring beauty look, my friends! The weather has shifted, flowers are blooming, and your beauty routine needs a bit of an update. It’s time to put away your cold-weather beauty routine and embrace some change. From self-care to skin care and a little color splash, I have a few spring beauty products to show you that will refresh your spring beauty game in no time.

So, grab your coffee…let’s have a chit chat about a few new beauty products that should be on your radar for spring. Lets refresh our spring beauty look together, shall we?

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One way to refresh my spring beauty look is to have daily self-care. I am a huge aromatherapy and bath time advocate, so, when the two collide…it’s pure bliss. I understand submerging oneself into the water for an extended amount of time can creep some people out, but for me, a night time bath AWAY from the kids is one of the best spring beauty refreshers of all time. I feel like I can breathe and decompress, especially when there are Lavender Essential Oils mingling with me.

Have you tried Aromatherapy Oils before? I am hoping your answer is a loud YES with a high-kick included! Either way, though, check out these fantastic Aromatherapy bath products for your self-care spring beauty refresh from Village Naturals Aromatherapy.

refresh your spring beauty look with aromatherapy

  1. Calm Lavender + Chamomile Body Soak (20 oz): First off, this bath soak was made for those of us that want any and all anti-aging benefits available to us. Check this out, the Calm Lavender + Chamomile body soak from Village Naturals contains their signature re-vita complex™, a blend of Vitamin C & E to protect and nourish the skin. It’s also infused with essential oils and lavender + chamomile for the ultimate relaxation experience.
  2. Calm Lavender + Chamomile Double Butter Bath Bombs (4.9 oz): These ultra moisturizing bath bombs from Village Naturals are just fun. Like, I feel like a kid with them and because of that, I don’t want ever to take a bath without them again (yes, I am dramatic). Besides the drama, though, they are infused with essentials oils and have extracts of lavender + chamomile, plus are enriched with shea and cocoa butter. And, to make these fizzy bath bombs even better, they contain an anti-oxidant rich blend of vitamin C & E to help nourish and protect the skin.
  3. Pure Lavender Essential Oil (.33 fl oz): I am nuts about the Village Naturals 100% Pure, therapeutic-grade, lavender essential oil. It smells like the lavender gardens in Oregon where I am from…it’s amazing. This essential oil will not only relax you to your core, but you can feel good about using it because it’s free of synthetic ingredients and tested and verified for quality assurance. Oh, and it will help you sleep a ton if you diffuse it at night…a well-rested face is the best way to refresh your spring beauty look.

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Another way to update and refresh your spring beauty look is to edit your skincare routine. Your skincare spring beauty refresh is going to be minimal, but highly potent. We have coconut oil, serums, and an essential exfoliant to keep skin looking it’s best for spring. Let’s chat about it.

refresh your spring beauty look with skincare

refresh your spring beauty look with coconut oil


  1. Vita Coco Coconut Oil: I am a snob when it comes to coconut oil because I use in everything and for everything. That is no lie. What makes Vita Coco Coconut Oil so special is that it’s 100% organic, cold pressed and unrefined. It’s made from fresh coconuts and is used for a multitude of things. I like to use it for cooking (great natural substitute for butter), as a moisturizer for my skin and hair, in DIY beauty products, and the list could go on. I am obsessed; it’s mother natures best gift.
  2. European Wax Center Renew Me Serum: Having beautiful skin doesn’t just happen overnight. Trust me. It’s usually a combo of at-home care and in-office treatments. While I have never been to a European Wax Center, if their Renew Me Serum is a reflection of their locations, then I need to go. This face serum contains a blend of antioxidant that helps defend your skin from free-radicals. Plus it has their patented emulsion technology and signature comfort blend™ to help restore stressed out, irritated, and red skin.
  3. dr. brant microdermabrasion: You have heard me tell you again, and again that exfoliating your skin is incredibly important, especially for anti-aging. Exfoliating is the best spring beauty refresh you can do for your skin in my opinion because it smoothes fine lines and allows new skin cells to come to the surface. I know a mind-blowing exfoliant can be annoying to find, so if you want a suggestion, it’s coming in the very next paragraph.  Check out the dr. brant microdermabrasion age defying exfoliator. It contains aluminum oxide crystals and lactic acid for thorough exfoliation. You just dampen your skin with water, then gently massage the microdermabrasion facial cream onto the skin for 1-2 minutes (avoid the eye area). Then, just rinse well, pat dry, and geek out a little over your soft and glowing skin. Make sure you do this every 3 days for best results! USE CODE BABBLE16 for 15% off!


Something as simple as makeup can make all of the difference in you spring beauty refresh. Lipstick is an obvious choice for mixing up the season’s, while a little highlight and long lashes pull a basic beauty update, all together. Here a just a few beauty products that would be a hit for your spring makeup look.

update your spring beauty look with makeup

spring beauty refresh makeup look

  1. It Cosmetics Superhero Mascara: Want a mascara that does so much more than just lengthen your lashes? The It Cosmetics Superhero Mascara formulation has potent peptides, proteins, and lash strengthening biotin. It has lash-lifting polymers, collagen for plumping, and some serious stretch to give your lashes bold volume and height.
  2. Butter London Lip Products: Butter London has some killer lip products for your spring/summer makeup wardrobe. For the perfect lip, line and fill in your lips with the plush rush, Really Rose, lip liner. Then use the Plush Rush lipstick in FAB, and top it with the lip plumping lip gloss in First Kiss. Your lips will be entirely ready for whatever…whenever. (Get 20% off your first purchase with BabbleBoxx2016)
  3. European Wax Center Oh My Brow!™ Highlighter: If you want to strobe that brow, use the Oh My Brow!™ Brow Highlighter in Pearl on your brow bone and above your brow arch. By doing this, your eye area will be illuminated and appear more awake and lifted; this is a great anti-aging trick. You can also use the Oh My Brow!™ above your cheek bone, bridge of the nose, above the lip, corner of the eye, and anywhere else you want the light to hit. Strobe away my friends.


how to refresh your spring beauty look

Guess what friends, a ton of these brands are offering discounts on these products above. So, make sure that you get in on the goods and refresh your spring beauty look. Yay for spring and watch out because summer is coming!





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