5 Ways to Get Straight and Frizz Free Hair


Let’s talk straight hair tips, alright? I like my naturally wavy hair, but when I want it to be straight, smooth, and sleek, I have to put some effort into it. Since beauty blogging’s my gig, I have tested many ways to get straight hair over the years, and so I wanted to share with you guys 5 different tools and products that work to straighten your locks at home.

5 tips for frizz-free hair with best hair straightening tools and products

I live in Austin, TX where humidity isn’t lacking and because of that, it’s a part-time job to keep my hair straight. I’ve tested tons of hair strengtheners, heated brushes, products and more and I’m rounding up a few of my favorites for you to help you have frizz-free, straight hair. Alright, let’s get to ladies, here’s what I like.

get straight hair with these favorite products

5 Straight Hair Tips

1. Cool Tools Hot Tools NanoCeramic 1 1/4″ Digital Salon Flat Iron is an awesome and budget-friendly flat iron that I’ve owned for a few years. Of course, there are a million amazing flat irons out there, but this one is great for protecting your hair with Argan oil and far-infrared gentle heat. It quickly heats up which helps to speed your hair straightening along and you can get snag-free straight hair in one pass.

Try It Here: Cool Tools NanoCeramic Flat Iron on Amazon
2. Macadamia nut oil product is the bomb for smoothing out frizz. It doesn’t leave your hair greasy or heavy feeling like some straightening hair products do. It just smoothes out your hair and adds a little shine as well. My hair stylist gave this to me, and I’m obsessed.

Try It Here:  Macadamia Nut Oil on Amazon

3. One of my favorite straight hair tips is this Envie at home straightening system. It keeps your hair straight for up to 90 days! It takes a little bit of time to do, but girl, if you have the time, do it because it works really well. You want to make sure to follow the instructions to the “T” and give yourself about 1.5 hours to complete the entire process, but once you are done, your done and your hair is super straight. One thing to note, I wash my hair every seven days, but it usually gets crinkled up with the steam if I have it up in a hair tie to avoid water. After using this system, it stays straight even after being in the shower. I love that.

Try It Here: Envie Home Straightening System on Amazon

4. Aquis Hair Drying Towel helps absorb moisture and is super gentle on your hair when you are towling it before blow-drying. Frizz is the worst when you want straight hair and so doing everything you can to not add any extra is essential and will also save you time when you are straightening with a flat iron.

Try It Here: Aquis Hair Drying Towel on Amazon

5. If you want quick straight hair, check out the In-Styler heated hairbrush. It gets hot really quick, and in just a few brushes, frizzy hair is calmed down and straight. I have used it on really curly hair and hair like mine that is just wavy, and guess what…it works! I also love that it heats up in 30 seconds so you can quickly get to buisness.

Try It Here: In-Styler Heated Hairbrush on Amazon

in-styler hair straightening brush


ENVIE Hair straightening kit for home


cool tools hot tools hair straightening flat iron


Aquis Hair Towel for less frizz


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