Straight Talk-7 Types of Spa Clients


After working at three different spas over the past several years, I have come to the realization that most clients usually fit into one of 7 different categories. Although the vast majority of my clients are off the charts amazing and I feel incredibly honored to work on them, I have encountered a few that fit into some of the not so nice categories mentioned below.


The Ideal: There is nothing like a client who actually listens to what I say and trusts me to do my best with their treatment. This person is consistent with their treatment plan and actually follows through on my skin care recommendations. I can expect see them at least every two months and every time they are in, they bring a smile to everyone they encounter.

The Researcher/Analyzer: The great thing about this client is that once they are comfortable, they are consistent. However, it usually takes a few months and several consultations to get them to a place of action. They are incredibly pleasant, but very cautious with everything they do. I can expect them to want to do their research before purchasing anything, even something as simple as face wash. However, I cannot for a moment fault them because this is me to a T.


The Know It All: Usually arrives strutting her stuff, asking a million questions, checking out every piece of my equipment and never makes eye contact.  She starts listing other spas she has been to, and how incredible they were. She then proceeds to questions me on the quality of my machines and products but usually does not know as much as she might  think. Oh, and if she tips at all…it is generally such a poor tip that it is borderline disrespectful.  I am always to tempted to give it back.


The Un-Satisfied: This is the consumer who never listens to a word any of us at the spa say and then questions why they didn’t get immediate (or their expected) results. For example: Laser hair removal only works on hair that is darker in color. Though I inform clients of this, there are some that are shocked when their blonde/light brown hair is still blowing in the wind.


The Spa Junkie: This person is a spa’s dream customer. She is the person that comes in and wants it all now and doesn’t care about cost. I can expect to see them as often as once every week. Some of these clients are known to go a bit overboard, but most spas don’t mind that one bit. In fact, some places (not mine) will completely take advantage of them and sell them on things that wont even make a difference. So if this is you, I mean the person next to you, they should be careful.


The Spa Hopper: With and other deal sites, its easy to hop from place to place and score some sweet deals on spa treatments.

However, because they are so frugal they often don’t make the necessary investment on quality skin care. Doing micro’s and chemical peels once a month and using St. Ives Apricot Scrub with a bar of soap does not qualify for good skin care. If you can only afford one over the other, use good skin care EVERY day instead of doing one good thing for your face a few times a year.


The Wheel and Dealer: As much as I like to work hard to find a great deal (I am a huge fan of, this client takes it to a whole new level.  Throughout their visit, they will try to get as many free “add ons” as possible. They are often quoting prices from other places and informing me about other deals that other spas have. I absolutely love making my clients feel good. I enjoy doing extra special things for them, but if someone is going to consistently bombard me for hook ups, it makes me want to do the opposite.


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