Style Tips for the VSCO Girl from the OG

It was around 2 pm on Sunday afternoon this past weekend–August 18th, 2019 to be exact, when I heard the term “VSCO Girl” for the first time. My husband was trying to explain the viral trend for teens to me: puka shell necklaces, friendship bracelets, anklets, disposable cameras, scrunchies, socks pulled up high and worn with Birkenstocks (or Crocks), Hydro Flasks, oversized t-shirts. Am I missing anything? Oh yeah, a ridiculously overpriced backpack that I now want from Fjällräven.

VSCO Girls is the new style trend for teens- but the 90's girls invented it. period.

So basically my husband described my 90’s style from my teenage years. Cool.

Dear VSCO Girl’s of the 2019’s–you aren’t original…you just elevated an OG trend to the next level. And–I’m not gonna lie…I am 1,000% going to revert back to my teenage self and upgrade the style sitch to a more modern version of what you’ve got going on. I’m into it. Goodbye Nalgene bottle–hello Hydro Flask. Or maybe I’ll just give you a style tip or two from “back in the day.”

VSCO Girls style inspiration from the OG--outfit, what to wear and more but beauty and style blogger, Kendra Stanton.

Nike Socks/Hydro flask/Hydro Flask Stickers/The Balm Dot Com/ White Crocks/Scrunchies/Fjällräven Backpack/Ear Buds/Disposable Camera/Puka Shell Necklace/Birkenstocks/Oversized T Shirt

Style Tip 1: It’s perfectly acceptable to stack your Puka necklace with hemp necklaces. Don’t know what hemp necklaces are? You’ll discover them next year. VSCO Girl 2.0 version. You can totally handmake those things by the way…and even add in some super cool home-made clay beads. No worries though if “home-made” sounds a little old school…it is 2019 after all–everything’s manufactured. I’m sure you could find a solid substitute at good old Forever21 (or just raid your moms closet).

Style Tip 2: When you’re wearing the oversized t-shirt VSCO Girl trend, ya need to be cool about it. This is the trend that’s the “I’m not tryin…but I totally am” kind of thing. It’s best to wear your oversized shirt with jean shorts—maybe tuck a tiny corner of the shirt into the shorts for safe-keeping and appearance purposes. Back in my day…we didn’t want the boys do think we were naked under that shirt–or at least our parents didn’t. So do us all a solid– a little “tuck” goes a long way.

Style Tip 3: Your Hydro flask situation. Ya see…we had the Nalgene bottles and they were super cool. Maybe not BPA free…but still a luxury investment of $9.99 that I had to work for at the bra store (Legg’s, Hanes, Bali, Playtex–I’m lookin at you). Oh yes, sister–I had to purchase my own “VSCO Girl” style water bottle with my bra-sizing money…having to measure boobs that were fully “mothered” was a true shock at 14. But it paid for my style…so we’re good. –Oh yes, back to that style tip. Hydroflask paired with your oversized shirt, jean shorts, pulled up high socks, Birks…killer outfit right there, babe.

Style Tip 4: The best backpack back in the ’90s was JanSport. Nowadays we have the Fjällräven backpack which costs a million dollars and I want one. Here’s some advice on how to wear it OG style: just one shoulder, never two. Who cares if you have terrible back pain because of it well into the rest of your entire life. Oh…and that Hydro flask? Get a Carabiner….pronounced like CARE-AWW-BEE-NER. Clip the cool $45 dollar water bottle that your mom/dad probably bought you onto the side of your super cool backpack. It’s the OG way.

Style Tip 5: Let’s talk about the sock situation. You should most definitely wear your socks with your Crocks or your Birks. Pull them up high babe–we use to double them up even…maybe you should try that? Now onto the shoe style. I prefer Birks because I think Crocks are the ugliest shoe invention of all time. Trust–in ten years you’ll puke at your own pic wearing the crocks. But for now, go ahead…it’s the “VSCO Girl” style trend.

Style Tip 6: You should go ahead and buy a skateboard. Think about it like an accessory. You don’t need to actually use it, but since “VSCO Girl” is close to the “skater girl”, “grunge girl” thing, you should totally give it a go. Maybe even skate on in for a second so you look serious…but don’t fall. Or at least don’t fall on someone else’s property. Lawsuits are getting super out of control these days from overly concerned parents who, most likely, also pretended to ride a skateboard back in the ’90s except for that their parents could have cared less if they fell. Well, if you’re parents were anything like mine (assuming the VSCO Girls parents are my age-ish), an IB-Profin was the basic “go-to” for all things.

Style Tip 7: Good old scrunchies. We didn’t buy them to look cool on our wrists. But trust- they looked cool on our wrists. My suggestion is to have one in your hair and one on your wrist…mmm-k? And when you rock the scrunchie in your hair, it’s best to throw your hair up into a messy swirly…hair cluster and call it a day. I mean- I might call it the “mom bun”–you can call it “VSCO Girl” hair. Whatev.

Style Tip 8: We didn’t have Urban Outfitters to get our “VSCO Girl” style. We had Goodwill. I say, give it a go–you might find some serious graphic t-shirt gems in the oversized shirt department. Some of them might even be mine from back in the day. Ya never know…strangers things have happened.

Style Tip 9: We had pagers, big friggin headphones, and CD players that blasted our favorite tunes like Green Day AND if we wanted a pic, we had to use a disposable camera and wait an entire 24 hours to see the results of said pic. You, however, have EarPods and cell phones that play your favorite music AND instant images you can edit with your VSCO app to make your blemishes magically disappear. That’s nice for you. There is no style tip here. But here are some tune tips: Greenday, Nirvana, Pearljam. Boom.

Style Tip 10: It looks like the 2019 “VSCO Girl” isn’t into the makeup scenario. Hello Glossier taking us by storm –(ya need the Balm Dot Com).Well, I wasn’t either in the 90’s throwback version of this modern style trend…but not by choice. My mom only let me wear ONE SWIPE of mascara and Carmex chapstick…maybe some clear lipgloss that definitely WAS NOT Organic or Non-Toxic. Here’s the deal babe…in about 2 years time, you will ditch the “all-natural” look and pile on GOBS of black eyeliner…maybe tweeze your brows into oblivion…line your lips HARD with maroon liner and then fill in your lips with the cheapest dollar store nude lipstick you can find (hello grunge makeup). Or maybe you won’t. This is assuming you continue with paying homage in your style to your “VSCO Girl” predecessors. I’m totally here for it (minus the brows…DO NOT tweeze your own brows, babe). This also seems to have missed a style tip. Dang it.




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