Tanning is Old


Tanning in my world is equal to sin, and I personally think it’s a bit 1990’s (when I was a tanner), especially since we now have the knowledge that it is carcinogenic! Yet we still do it, which of course totally makes sense. My thoughts? No one looks good all “Snookied” out…not even Snookie. She actually kind of looks similar to a scaly Orange, which I guess is attractive in New Jersey. Yuck!


On a regular basis I get to take care of clients who have extremely damaged skin from tanning. I always find it interesting that it makes more sense to some clients to spend money on a tanning package than to spend it on good skin care. Even some of my girlfriend have no problem shelling out $300.00 for a tanning package but then GASP at spending that amount for skin care. Lets see, damage your skin OR take care of your skin? Have wrinkly and crusty skin OR have healthy and radiant skin.


Have you ever talked to someone who says something like this, “today I went to the gym, and then went tanning”? Isn’t this an oxy moran to associate a potentially cancerous producing tanning bed with health? Sometimes I see people that are 25 with skin near leather that look about ten years older than they really are. Also WHY in the world do some Med Spas and Athletic gym’s have tanning booths? Don’t they know that they can cause skin cancer and completely annihilate the health of your skin?? Seems counter productive to me, especially for the Med Spa that is suppose to be helping you with your skin.


According to the Skin Cancer Association “The IARC (International Association For Research On Cancer) report cited research showing that tanning is especially hazardous to young people; those who use sunbeds before age 30 increase their lifetime risk of melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer, by 75 percent.” That is a rather high percentage to mess around with!! So instead of baking in a bed, go search out someone who specializes in airbrush tanning or get a self tanner that will do well with your skin tone! It seems like every company now has a good self-tanner. Save your skin, save your life, and look younger.


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  • LOVE this! My new years resolution was to stop tanning! I stopped right after my wedding in October and I thought I would just put a stop to it forever…. Almost 6 months without tanning!!! Its soooo hard, but I really think it will be worth it in the long run!

  • I agree! I wish I never went tanning in my teens and early 20’s. I was so insecure about being pale in the winter. By my mid-20’s I was so over it and now I just hope I didn’t do too much damage.

  • TOTALLY agree…can you post something in response to people who tan “to get ready for vacations to hot sunny places like Mexico, so they don’t burn”…I never know what to say in response, because these are usually the skin type of people that are going to burn no matter how much they tan before hand and won’t get a tan anyway…what are your thoughts?

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