Taylor Swift- Get The Look

Get The Look: Taylor Swift


Get The Look: Taylor Swift  

Who doesn’t love Taylor Swift? Her music. Her hair. Her fashion. I am personally in love with her bright red lips! Want to be ready for a photo shoot or to snag your Grammy? Then check this out: I chose everything you need to get Taylor’s classic look for under $50 a piece!

1. Lace Dress: Every little black dress is not made the same. I love the cut because its an a-line cut and a-line anything will look good on any body type. I chose it for this look because the lace overlay adds a subtle-interest to the solid color similar to the trimming on Taylor’s dress. Delias.com: $36

2. Gold Platform Sandal: I love a good wedge and these have goodness written all over them. The chunky gladiator cuff on the top just really turns this shoe into a gorgeous piece for this look because they make the shoe really pop, even more than a gold shoe already does. A dark colored dress is the perfect piece to pair a gold shoe with because it doesn’t make your skin looked washed out. The contrast creates such a pop! Please never, never, never wear a gold shoe with a gold dress or taupe colored dress, please. Endless.com: $33

3. Wide Braided Belt: This belt was tricky for me because it is not a true camel brown color, but it isn’t red. I worked through a lot of pieces until I went a little spendy to get it just right for this look.  You have many more options you could mess around with as long as if it has metal on it, the metal is gold. The best part about this belt is that it is chunky, which really makes a bold statement on the dress itself, and that is why it made the cut. Choose a chunky belt with gold metal on it to go with the shoes and you’re golden! Mango.com: $40

4. Red Lips: I did some research and, although Taylor is a CoverGirl now, it is rumored that she loves Elizabeth Arden’s Red lipstick. I love a bold lip, especially paired with her traditional dark eyeliner. Lovely. ElizabethArden.com: $18

Would you copy this look? Use the techniques? Who’s fashion would you like to recreate?

Written by: The lovely Becca Pickrel Check out her blog here!

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